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Ferrero, stop (temporary) at the biggest Nutella factory

But the Colossus of Alba does it because its industrial needs exceed the entire national production and because if it purchased all the Italian hazelnuts it would violate the antitrust rules (and no other company would have to make cakes or other products based on hazelnuts)

No more Nutella in Salvini's house. At a meeting in Ravenna, responding to a fan who suggested he eat Ferrero's cream, to overcome the cold, the League secretary replied: "Nutella no, do you know I changed?" And he added. "Because I discovered that Nutella uses Turkish hazelnuts and I prefer to help companies that use Italian products, help Italian farmers, because there is need . Much better, according to Matteo Salvini, "to eat bread, salami and two sardines".

We asked for a reply from the Alba group, but Ferrero has decided not to comment. Just as he hadn't done it when Salvini was still in love with his cream, and he wrote on Twitter to eat «Brioche alla #Nutella, because «in order to remedy the errors of the PD and help the Italians we need a lot of energy (9 August 2018). Or when (December 1, 2018) he asked himself: "Who doesn't like Nutella crepe?" Or, again, December 26, 2018, when he announced: "My Saint Stephen begins with bread and Nutella".

Ferrero has not commented even a few days ago, after the secretary of the League, on his new profile Tik Tok, published a Nutella Biscuits themed video.

How things are

Salvini is right when he says that the Alba group uses hazelnuts from Turkey. But it is not a secret: it is also written on the company's website.

One nut out of three, among all those grown in the world, it comes purchased by Ferrero: its industrial needs exceed the entire Italian production. If we consider the size of the confectionery giant (10.7 billion turnover and factories around the world), it is clear that even the totality of Italian hazelnuts would be enough to prepare all Ferrero products that are on the market. In any case, the group could not do it because would violate the antitrust law (the set of rules that regulate and limit the concentration of economic power to safeguard the free competition of companies in the market), in addition to the fact that no other Italian company could prepare any hazelnut-based product.

Five years ago, the Piedmontese group acquired the Oltan, a leading company in the cultivation and marketing of hazelnuts in Turkey (the main producer in the world): it was a choice made to strengthen the supply chain and be able to directly control quality.

Does this mean that Ferrero turns its back on Italy? It seems not: the group is working on Italian Hazelnut Project to develop the Italian quality coral sector and create greater profitability for the agricultural sector. Meanwhile, given that on this hemisphere the hazelnut is harvested only once a year (between August and the end of September), Ferrero is starting the cultivation with farms of the group even in new and potentially productive areas such as Chile, South Africa and Australia: in the southern hemisphere hazelnuts can be harvested between February and March and, in this way, the plant would guarantee the supply of fresher fruits. With all due respect to Salvini.

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