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For those who are attentive to the line. For those who cannot or do not want to take on animal fats. For those who prefer sharper flavors and lighter desserts. Oil desserts are an excellent alternative

A commonplace perhaps, or a legacy of when, for different cultures or simply different habits, there seemed to be no alternative, we often tend to think (or be told) that a cake is all the more good the more it contains butter. A generous portion of butter and rain compliments our sweet, sometimes a little improvised. But we are also sometimes intolerant, vegan, or simply – sometimes, basically never on weekends – on a diet. When one or more of these three reasons align, we experience the joy of discovering that in truth for our own desserts we can also use theoil, and that in some cases it is even more suitable than butter.

Why replace butter with oil

In addition to personal food preferences, such as a vegan diet, and any intolerances, the reasons there are three main ways to replace butter with oil: taste, composition and texture. The oil in the kitchen, especially for those accustomed to the flavors of the Mediterranean diet, has the taste of simplicity and, compared to butter, gives the sweets the softness of donuts for children's breakfast: it is perfect for all desserts – or cakes – from belief, which, in addition to being good, have the far more difficult task of filling the room with perfumes, memories and magic.

The different softness comes from a different one composition of the two fats, in fact replacing the butter with oil in a recipe, the weights of the two cannot be considered equivalent: 100 grams of butter correspond, for example, to 83 grams of olive oil. It is obviously possible, and sometimes useful on the basis of the dominant flavors that we want to contribute to the final result, to replace the butter also with seed oils, more delicate, or with oils extracted from dried fruit, for example that of almonds, more flavored.
Similar considerations to those made for the composition also apply to the consistency, one – the butter – solid, the other – the oil – liquid, take on a different role in the preparations and must therefore be managed with a pinch of pastry skill, to be refined with practice and for which we leave you 3 useful tips for preparation.

oil desserts

Prepare sweets with oil

About softness
Already at the most soft (and high) view of normal, its consistency is even more pleasant and surprising at the first bite. As light as the silk yarn from which it takes its name, the very important secret of this Aromatic Chiffon Cake lies in not making the dough deflate. In the various phases of preparation it will be enough to mix from the bottom upwards whatever ingredient is gradually added; the cooling will be done upside down and is much simpler than it may seem. Still very good the day after.

Belief cakes
The external crust is very thin but crunchy, the inside is slightly damp but above all, this soft zucchini, cocoa and pistachio cake it is the simplest recipe in the world. Everything in the blender: zucchini with fillets, pistachios, oil, almond milk, honey, sugar and a pinch of salt before; sifted flour, yeast, sugar and cocoa immediately after. When everything is well blended pour it into a donut mold and bake at 175 degrees for 50-55 minutes. Serve cold and just be careful not to eat it all at once.
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Liquid ingredients: oil, water and eggs; dry ingredients: flour, yeast and cane sugar. Emulsify the first and add them to the second, knead and bring to a thickness of 3-4mm before cutting out the biscuits of the shape you prefer and bake at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes. A little secret, as soon as they are taken out of the oven they will still seem soft: do not stretch the cooking time for this, 5 minutes of cooling will be enough to bring them to the perfect consistency.
The complete recipe is here: put a chocolate on the fire, and imagine that it is snowing outside!

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