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Cotechino at New Year's Eve, 4 ideas to serve it in an original way

The cotechino it is one of the inevitable dishes during the new Year's Eve dinner. Indeed, it is probably the main protagonist of the menu. But how can you present yourself at the table in an alternative way? Here are some tips to propose the cotechino in way original.

Croutons of fried polenta and cotechino

To prepare gluttons croutons of fried polenta and cotechino First of all cut into slices not too thick (1 or 2 cm at most) 400 grams of polenta already surplice, very easy to find at the supermarket. In a frying pan a lot of heat is heated up olive oil and fry the polenta slices. Once they are ready, they sit on pieces of paper towels to remove excess oil. In the meantime, boil one cotechino from 300 grams for about twenty minutes. It is freed from the external skin, cut into slices and added to the fried polenta croutons. Everything is held steady with gods toothpicks and here's a great one starter in perfect theme New Year.

Cotechino, the recipe for doing it in crust

The Cotechino In Crust represents an original variant to serve this great classic on New Year's Eve. 300 grams of boiling water is boiled in salted water spinach. Then fry in olive oil one clove garlic, they are added to the pan spinach and meanwhile, 400 grams of salt are cooked in salted water cotechino. After about 15-20 minutes, take a roll of puff pastry, it is placed on the baking paper and it is stuffed first with the spinach and then with the cotechino. Roll the dough by closing the two side edges, brush it all with one egg beaten and finally let it cook in oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes at most.

Cotechino baskets and lentils

To give a touch of fantasy to the more traditional pair of New Year's Eve you can prepare some cotechino baskets and lentils. 350 grams of it are cooked for just over 30 minutes lentils, together with 150 grams of past of tomato, a onion chopped, oil, celery it's a carrot diced and puts himself in a pot full of water a cotechino precooked 300 grams, to cook for 15 minutes. You set a roll of brisè pasta on a plane and, with the help of a circular cup, you cut out circles, to be used later to line the muffin molds but turned to the contrary. Lightly pinch the edges of the dough and keep in the oven at 180 degrees until they are well browned (it will take about a quarter of an hour or so). Finally, after warming i baskets, it remains only fill them with the lentils is two slices of cotechino.

Cotechino mini burger

THE cotechino mini burger they are a decidedly quick and easy recipe. After cooking a cotechino from 300 grams, you cut it into slices, freeing it of the film, and then arrange the slices in half a kilo of sandwiches to the milk, previously divided into two. In any case, sandwich, in short, his slice. The mini burgers are seasoned with a thread ofoil, mustard and one or two leaves of lettuce and here is a very original finger food made with cotechino able to add a touch of fantasy to your New Year's dinner.

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