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Versatile, simple to prepare, couscous in summer has an extra gear because even served cold it is a dish that can reserve great satisfactions. Here are three recipes and a few tips to be on the safe side

Couscous is a dish made from grains of wheat semolina blanched in boiling water. It seems to come from afar – the best known recipe is the one that is prepared in some North African countries – but in reality it is also part of the Italian gastronomic culture, especially of that Sicilian and that Sardinian. Couscous is very versatile, it goes well with many ingredients, it is simple to prepare and in summer it has an extra gear. Here are some tricks and three recipes to prepare an excellent cold couscous.

And did you know that couscous is an Italian dish?

Five tricks for a perfect couscous

Preparing couscous is so simple that even a child could do it, but to do it properly it is important to follow these five tips. First, to cook it it should not be boiled. The semolina should, however, be placed in a large pan with a high edge, covered flush with the already salted boiling water and left to rest for a few minutes. To reach the perfect cooking point le proportions of water and couscous must be one by one. To shell the couscous, add a drizzle of oil and use your fingers, not the fork. And finally, do not go overboard with the dressing, otherwise the flavor of the couscous will be covered. Here it is now three recipes for the summer.

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Chickpea, feta and summer vegetable couscous

Carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins all contained in a single dish, fresh and light. To prepare the chickpea, feta and summer vegetable couscous serve 300 grams of couscous, 300 ml of water, 250 grams of boiled chickpeas, two courgettes, a red pepper, a carrot, a spring onion, 50 grams of pitted black olives, 150 grams of feta cheese, oil, salt, pepper and fresh mint. Wash all the vegetables and cut them into cubes. Cook them in a pan with a drizzle of oil starting with the peppers and then adding the carrots, courgettes and spring onion, in order to preserve their crunchiness. Boil the water, salt it and pour it on the couscous. Leave to rest for five minutes and shell with a drizzle of oil. Then pour it into a bowl, add the vegetables after salting them, the olives, the diced feta and the chickpeas. Season with oil and pepper, season with salt and garnish with mint leaves.

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THESaffron and anchovy couscous salad

For thecouscous salad with saffron and anchovies 300 grams of couscous, 300 ml of water, 50 grams of pickled capers, 80 grams of pitted Taggiasca olives, an ox heart tomato, four cherry tomatoes, half a lemon, 12 fresh anchovies, oil, salt, pepper, a bag of saffron and a sprig of basil. Heat the water, salt it, add the saffron and pour it on the couscous. Leave to rest for five minutes and shell with your fingers adding a drizzle of oil. Fillet the anchovies, season with lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper and cook them in a pan on high heat for two minutes. In a bowl pour the couscous, olives, capers, diced ox-heart tomato. Season with a drizzle of oil and ground pepper. Fill the pastry rings with the seasoned couscous and garnish with the anchovies, the tomatoes divided in half and the basil sprigs.

Couscous with aromatic herb and almond pesto

The ingredients for the couscous with aromatic herb and almond pesto are 300 grams of couscous, 300 ml of water, two spring onions, a mixed bunch of coriander, thyme and mint, a couple of pickled red peppers, a spoonful of peeled almonds, 600 grams of chicken breast, a spoonful of flour, a spoonful of paprika, half a lemon, oil, pepper and salt. Put the aromatic herbs, spring onions, almonds, juice and zest of half a lemon, a drizzle of oil in the mixer and blend everything until a creamy mixture is obtained. Boil the water and pour it over the couscous, let it sit for five minutes and shell it with your fingers. At this point, pour it into a bowl, season it with the aromatic herb pesto and the peppers cut into strips. Pour the flour and paprika on a plate, bread the diced chicken breast, sauté them in a pan with a drizzle of oil and place them on top of the couscous.

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