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a creative menu for the summer

From the appetizer to the revisiting of a classic first course up to the final touch in fish dishes: (surprising) recipes with cherries

They are one of the fruits par excellence of the summer, when the heat begins to be felt and the need for sweetness and freshness is felt. So the cherries become a fruit that puts everyone in agreement, eaten natural or in the form of sweets or invigorating drinks.

But it is enough to make an effort of imagination to give space to these fruits (also in the variety of black cherries) also in unusual recipes in which their delicate but particular flavor and their soft pulp go perfectly with salty ingredients. A way of giving your menus a note of unexpected taste and color, not only in salads, but also before desserts, surprising your guests.

Cherry appetizer: sweet and sour skewer

Cherries can first find space in the appetizer buffet with a tasty and very simple snack: sweet and sour skewers. Just wash and pitted them and then skewer them with a toothpick alternating them, for example, with Cherry tomatoes cut in half e morsels of mozzarella. But other ingredients may be other cheeses with a fresh flavor, such as first salt, the olives or, if you want to dare more, shrimp or bits of bacon sauté in the pan.

New life to risotto (with cherries)

Turning to the first, another classic recipe can find a new vitality with cherries: the risotto. Just add the pitted fruits into small pieces when cooking the rice together with the broth because the flavor and aroma of the cherries are transmitted to the dish. Do you want to achieve a stronger aroma? So use some stracchino or robiola next to Parmigiano Reggiano for creaming.

The cherry-fish pairing

What's more summery than a nice second of fish? And here, too, cherries can play their part. In particular, they go well with recipes that do not require cooking such as carpaccio, for example of sea ​​bass or swordfish. To perfectly mix the flavors sprinkle with the pitted and chopped cherries (keeping the juice aside) the fish seasoned with only oil, salt, pepper and chives; then emulsify the collected juice of the cherries with the lemon juice and sprinkle everything with the mixture obtained.

If instead you prefer a second of warm sea, then it is better to limit the presence of cherries to side dish mixing them, after cutting them in half and pitted, a grilled courgettes and peppers and having everything flavored in a marinade of lemon juice, oil and flavorings. So you will have the perfect accompaniment for sea ​​bass fillets or breaded tuna steaks with breadcrumbs flavored with spices and then baked in the oven.

Gazpacho: also made with cherries

Finally, if you want an "exotic" suggestion, use cherries for a variant of the Spanish gazpacho. Arrange the pitted cherries into small pieces, blanched and peeled tomatoes, sliced ​​onions and peppers cut very thinly in a container, add water, oil and vinegar (of wine or apples according to your tastes) and blend everything until obtaining a sufficiently homogeneous and fairly liquid compound. Filter it to remove any solid residues and then let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Serve with a drizzle of raw oil and a few mint leaves.

Recipes with cherries

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