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Between dark and light, I choose rosé beer

The rosé color is obtained with the grape must or with the violet carrot. The "feminine" alternative to light and dark beers

Just mix a little 'malt with red grapes and here is the beer turns rosé. Not just clear, amber or dark: beer can now be found with an appealing and fun – especially for women – pinkish color. This is the new BIGA Birra (Bio Italian Grape Ale), launched last December by Cantina Orsogna 1964 (we are in the province of Chieti), completely organic, in the Rosé version with five cereals, created in collaboration with the Mezzopasso artisanal brewery.

Rosé beer: how to taste and match

The Montepulciano red grape must, used to produce rosé beer, provides intense aromas of red berries and cherry, letting the spicy flavors of the mixture of cereals (barley, spelled, wheat, buckwheat, rye) and del coriander. To appreciate this beer at its best, they recommend one service temperature of 10 ° C, so as to fully grasp the aromaticity and the balance between the initial roundness and the dry and acidic finish. The pairing? With dishes of strong flavor, like grilled meats, cod, tuna carpaccio.

Rosy and also sparkling

With its soft pink color it is also surprising 10 Luppoli Le Bollicine Rosé created in 2016 by the master brewers of the Angelo Poretti Brewery. Made with wheat malt, purple carrot (which gives the rosé) and 10 different hops from all over the world, is refermented with the yeast Saccharomyces Bayanus, the same used for the sparkling of wines. To be served in flute, It is perfect to accompany crudité fish, shellfish, fresh cheeses and strawberries.

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