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Best mixed Adriatic fish fry on the Adriatic coast

What is the best Adriatic fish fry on the Adriatic coast? Here are 6 fried fish to try on the Riviera

It is not summer in Romagna without fried fish. Yes but where? It is not always easy to disentangle in the maze of tourist restaurants with a set menu, which offer mixed fry with shrimp from the Pacific Ocean and others not better defined tropical crustaceans.

Here are 6 restaurants of the Riviera where to find a fried art

Osteria Bartolini
When it was born, now 10 years ago, it was called Osteria del Gran Fritto. What is the most appropriate name for a restaurant that has made fried fish its flagship? The Bartolini Terrace in Milano Marittima and another Osteria in Bologna were added to the first restaurant on Cesenatico's Porto Canale. In all the rooms, the Bartolini family, already at the helm of the starred restaurant La Buca, proposes a “fishing kitchen” based on Adriatic fish and traditional Romagna recipes. In addition to Great Fried Fish of the Adriatic we find the Fried fish without thorns for the Wanderers, the fried calamari and totanetti and the inevitable spiny sardines. Unmissable.

In the placid town of Igea Marina, you can find a fish restaurant (not reported in the Slow Food Guide to Italian Taverns) without compromise: no tourist menus, ultra-selected products and as much local as possible, territorially-oriented wine list. Fried fish textbook to which, in season, are accompanied "vegetable" fries: if you happen in the right period there are borage leaves. Moving.

Cervia Fishermen's Club
One of the Riviera's best kept secrets. A dinner a The Pantofla it is an essential experience for those who want to experience the real Romagna: free-range, noisy and with a big heart. The white wine of the house, strictly in carafe, flows abundantly while on the table mixed hors d'oeuvres arrive, first with elephantine dimensions and finally they, the real protagonists of the table: the mixed fry, a tray of crunchy delight, and the grilled fish of the day . To conclude, the mythological lemon sorbet. If you are lucky and you happen on an evening when the Canterini play, throw yourself into the fray.

Grill & Kitchen Riesling
Ask a person from Ravenna what the best fried fish on the Riviera is and his answer will always be: Riesling. The small restaurant on the Ravenna coast is distinguished by the moderate creativity of the proposals, the quality of the fish (to try the crudités to believe) and a fried fish that will reward you for years of wrong fried. Good wine list and commendable preparation and kindness service.

Kalamaro Fritto
Don't be fooled by the name: the container is well cared for, but the content is everything. Always fresh catch of the day, home-made pasta, traditional recipes such as the Chitarrina di poveracce alternated with the fish burger. And the fried? It has a whole section dedicated: fish and chips from Romagna, fried prawns and squid, mixed fried paranza and spiny sardines.

No, here you will not find the "classic" fried fish. From Guido, a Michelin star in Rimini, the Raschi brothers revisit the Romagna culinary tradition, including fried food. Among the many dishes that are worth the trip there is Squid, the fried acid: another way to enjoy a fried dish. Seeing is believing.

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