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Because oats are good

This cereal protects health and is excellent for those with weight problems because it provides many allied fibers and minerals in the line. Discover all the precious virtues

The vein it is one of the most consumed cereals at the table. Versatile in the kitchen, it lends itself to the preparation of numerous recipes from the Breakfast a dinner. It can be used, for example, in the Porridge of breakfast or in muesli of the snack. In addition, it is suitable for preparing soups, soups, pasta and salads.
The vein then it has the great advantage of being a mine of virtue. It is rich in fact of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, useful for the proper functioning of the organism. With the help of Dr. Sonia Croci, nutritionist biologist, let's see what they are and why it should be used in the kitchen.

She is a friend of the line

"Oats are an excellent source of soluble fiber, which gives satiety, regularize intestinal transit and reduce the absorption of sugars in the blood, thus preventing blood sugar fluctuations that are responsible for hunger attacks. It then provides prebiotic fibers that rebalance the intestinal flora by counteracting the proliferation of bad bacteria that promote intestinal health and weight, "explains nutritionist Sonia Croci.

It keeps the heart healthy and protects from aging

"The fibers that this corn is rich in favor of increasing the levels of" good "cholesterol in the blood: it contrasts the" bad "one thanks to beta-glucans and helps to keep the heart and arteries healthy. In addition, it is a source of "good" fats, such as the precious Omega 3, which in addition to fighting inflammatory states, protect against the damaging action of free radicals, responsible for aging, "explains the expert.

It is excellent for those who play sports

«This cereal provides the organism with a good supply of slow-release carbohydrates, useful to prevent the drops of tiredness during physical activity. It also contains a good dose of minerals, in particular potassium and magnesium, which are precious to promote post-workout and calcium recovery, which is essential for maintaining healthy bones. It also provides energy to the muscles because its grains are also a reserve of B vitamins, "says nutritionist Sonia Croci.

How to use it in the kitchen

On the shelves of supermarkets and specialized shops natural foods it is found in different shapes: grains, flour and flakes, pasta, baked goods, milk. "Flaked oats are ideal for a super energetic breakfast. THE flakes they can be mixed with milk or yogurt, oil seeds and fruit to prepare nutritious porridge and muesli. From the beans you get then a wholemeal and semi-wholemeal flour used to prepare not only bakery products, but also a variety of pasta rich in slow-release carbohydrates. Come on flakes instead, a milk, a yoghurt and a vegetable cheese are also obtained, which contain few fats, many fibers. Moreover, they are lactose-free and consequently, they are a valid alternative for intolerant people. To improve the taste, however, they often contain an excessive amount of sugar. The advice is to consume them in moderation, maximum two or three times a week, "suggests nutritionist Sonia Croci.

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