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We rediscover a very popular recipe in Milan between the 19th and mid-20th centuries to indulge in this delicacy at home when we feel like it

There Barbajada it's a typical Milanese drink, born in the early 1800s and remained in vogue until the middle of the last century. It is prepared with coffee and chocolate and is perfect to accompany the desserts or for a tasty break.

The very particular name derives from that of its inventor, Domenico Barbaja who, as a young boy in a famous Milanese café, later became very famous in the shadow of Madonnina and founded one of the most famous literary cafes of Lombard capital: the Caffé dei Virtuosi, right next to the Teatro alla Scala.

There Barbajada is very simple can also be done at home and is prepared with just a few ingredients. The taste combines that of coffee and chocolate and this has made it their fortune.

How to make the barbajada at home: the recipe


To prepare a portion of barbajada you will need: 50 ml of ready-to-drink coffee, 50 g unsweetened cocoa powder, 30 ml of water, 30 ml of milk, 30 ml of cream, 40 g of sugar, whipped cream.


The preparation of the barbajada, as mentioned, is really very simple. The first thing to do is prepare the coffee with a mocha and leave it warm. The second step is to sift the unsweetened cocoa into a saucepan, gradually adding the milk and water.

The mixture is vigorously mixed with a whisk and blended until it boils. The chocolate must then cool and thicken. At this point, the coffee and cream are added and the barbajada is put back on the heat, blending vigorously until a nice foam is obtained on the surface.

Barbajada, hot or cold

The barbajada can be drunk hot, in the winter version, with a splash of whipped cream on top or in the cold version, ideal when it's hot, by simply adding two ice cubes to the mixture before serving.

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