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All you need for your little card – Italian Cuisine

Lunch at work has never been this good. Just organize yourself and create a little imagination by relying on the right products that we have selected for you

Have you brought lunch to work, yet when the break is triggered, would you do anything to eat something different from your little money? If you find yourself in this situation, it is because you have inserted the wrong foods into your favorite container, or you have simply not given the right attention to it.
Yes, because if it is on one side it is smart cooking abundant doses in the evening to secure a portion for lunch, on the other this practice it makes us a bit boring, so as to make us go hungry to the idea of ​​having to eat the same dishes the night before. Perhaps kept in an old and impractical container that does not value food.
How to avoid it? Let's start with the content.

What to bring to lunch

Indulge your tastes, pamper yourself and try to prevent some risks. One of the most frequent, when it comes to schiscetta, is that dishes dry or stick to each other. If you bring pasta for example, prefer the short formats, al dente cooking and salad recipes that are already designed for cold pasta. If you have a microwave oven, you can instead focus on preparations with a lot of seasoning (for example short pasta topped with ragù or a meatball sauce). The same goes for meat: the classic steak will tend to dry out, while one cutlet it is easier to preserve. Also excellent omelettes and savory pies which always remain soft, as well as cooked vegetables.
To make your little ones even more tasty, you can also include a lunch consisting of various courses. A small container with fruit salad for example, or a dessert like pudding or panna cotta, will give your day an extra sprint. And when you have prepared it, share it with us! (in the article below we explain how).

Tactical aids

If for you turning the pasta of the day before into a pasta omelette or frying a cutlet is science fiction, don't panic. You can count on packaged meals designed to replace a home-made sundress, mgari to be alternated with simple and quick home preparations such as mixed salads, slate cakes and boiled eggs accompanied by vegetables. Obviously, in this case you will need the right containers: here they are in the gallery below, along with the best ready-made schiscette.

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