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Salmon salad is good with walnuts, avocado, kiwis, basmati rice, yogurt … Do you want to try? Here are our recipes!

Often when it is hot, at the table you would only want onesalad. Enriched with the right ingredients, it becomes a unique, fresh and tasty dish that satisfies and refreshes us. How about making a salad with the then salmon? Rich in omega 3 and proteins, it has a firm flesh and with its shades of color brings the summer to the table. It can be prepared in different ways and combined with numerous ingredients.


Salad with salmon: 5 ideas

Cooked, marinated, smoked? How do you like salmon? For each preparation there is a salad: Salad with marinated salmon, walnuts and avocado mayonnaise, Salad with Basmati rice and salmon, Salad with fresh salmon and kiwi, Salad with salmon, yogurt and balsamic vinegar, Norwegian salad.

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