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5 breakfasts to prepare with children

The little ones prepare breakfast and the day starts immediately on the right foot and with a smile! So many ideas from pancakes to mug cake

These quarantine days are a bit like a continuous Sunday, because many families are at home with children and can calmly enjoy the Breakfast.
Preparing it together is a lot of fun and is a nice way to give the right boost to the mornings that always start a little "thoughtful".
Remember that children are a continuous surprise, and are capable of tearing a smile in any circumstance, so we take advantage of their collaboration in the kitchen and enjoy a peaceful breakfast together in the family.

Little chefs

The recipes for breakfast that can be prepared in the company of children are easy, obviously tasty, but also fun, creative and beautiful to look at.
For example i Pancake that are done quickly and that can be enriched in many ways. Use some molds to turn them into funny characters.
Even a simple one toast with jam it can be a game if you allow the little ones to spread the jam with a knife without a blade and without going outside the edges, as if it were a coloring page!
Finally you can play with fruit, artistic can be prepared bowls of yogurt and cereals and they can break the eggs.
What's more exciting than a child if not breaking eggs to do omelettes, crêpes and omelettes?


Pancakes are children's favorite pancakes because they are sweet, soft and spongy.
One on top of the other they become small towers and can be flooded with maple syrup, honey, melted chocolate and jam.
In preparing this recipe, the child can: break the eggs and mix them with the sugar and milk; sift the flour with the baking powder; mix everything with a hand whisk and then stack the pancakes once cooked.
Only the grown-ups are in the kitchen.
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Peanut butter and jam toast

Anglo-Saxon children really like this breakfast because the peanut butter, like Nutella for us, is the delight of the delights par excellence.
In preparing this recipe, the child can: put the bread in the toaster; spread the peanut butter on one slice and the jam on another; possibly add fruit to taste.
Virtually grown-ups don't have to do anything!
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Porridge resting in the refrigerator

This porridge does not require cooking, but is prepared in the evening before going to bed.
It is also called overnight oatmeal precisely because it rests in the refrigerator overnight.
In preparing this recipe, the child can: mix oat flakes or oatmeal with milk; add other ingredients to taste such as honey, cinnamon, cocoa; decorate the porridge in the morning with fruit, hazelnut or peanut spread and grain.
Even in this case, adults can watch.
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Smoothies and centrifuges

A good dose of fruit and vitamins it is good in the early morning and so it is up to the little ones to choose the ingredients to blend.
To prepare this recipe, the child can: wash the fruit well and put it in the blender bowl; pour into glasses and decorate.
The grown-ups must obviously operate the electrical devices.
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Mug cake

A super fun recipe to make with kids.
A cake that is prepared directly in the cup and that cooks in the microwave for two minutes.
In preparing this recipe, the child can: mix all the ingredients in the cup, weigh them and dose them as per the recipe; put the cup in the microwave and operate it; decorate the cake.
Adults simply have to supervise
If you want to know more read How to prepare a Mug cake.

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