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Celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, made a trip with his children to…

Celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, made a trip with his children to Sugar Factory at Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Thursday afternoon.

Outing with children? Here's what to put in the picnic basket! – Italian Cuisine

Outing with children? Here's what to put in the picnic basket!

Finally spring … it's time to organize some nice day trips with the family! But who thinks about it on the menu?

We have waited all winter for the return of mild temperatures and clear skies and here we are finally, ready to enjoy the light until late in the open air. But when preparing to organize a trip outside the home, especially if in the company of the little ones, there is always a doubt: what to bring back for lunch? If you are tired of the usual packed lunches with sandwiches and cold cuts, here are some creative, tasty and balanced ideas for the whole family.

Breakfast on the go

Did you leave early and the children did not have time to have breakfast at home? Don't worry, even the first meal of the morning turns into an adventure if done on the go! The tour then begins with a superhero breakfast thanks to the snacks Kinder Avengers! Inside each pack of Kinder Brioss, Kinder Breakfast Più and Kinder Pan and Cioc you will find a Marvel Avengers 3D character to collect! Let the children choose their favorite and accompany it with a fruit juice or a cold iced tea and off you go!

Space for imagination with spelled, couscous, barley and pasta salads

The typical rice salads can be replaced by other cereals, such as spelled, barley and even couscous. Here really the imagination has no limits: if you don't have much time choose a simple tuna, cherry tomato and basil dressing, otherwise you can grill thin slices of chicken and cut them into strips and combine them with stewed vegetables, or even a vegetarian version, you can use pesto and cherry mozzarella balls. Or you can opt for a pasta salad and win over the little ones with fun pasta Disney Dalla Costa, with 100% Italian wheat and the shapes of the most loved characters: Mickey Mouse, the Princesses and Cars.

It is not a trip if there is no savory pie!

They are a great picnic classic: the savory pies. They are cut into cubes and if prepared with different ingredients they become a real complete meal. The classic pie with spinach is always appreciated, but spring is also a season of asparagus and artichokes, equally delicious in savory pies.

Cold cuts and cheeses

Selecting less fatty ingredients, perfect for children, such as baked turkey or ricotta, bring with you also cold cuts and cheeses that the little ones can enjoy together with crunchy bread sticks Disney of Vitavigor: you can choose between the full-bodied Vitastick, rich in taste and fiber, or the Vitastick Mini with Pizza or Parmigiano Reggiano flavor in the practical multipack format with 6 sachets and 1 cute Disney tattoo!

A timeless classic, the omelette with vegetables

He knows exactly the spring omelette, which is prepared in advance and is well preserved in the fridge bag. How to prepare it? With the ingredients you prefer or have in the pantry: from vegetables to cubes of cooked ham to cheese that melts and becomes creamy during cooking. If your children love eggs, you can also offer them firm, already cooked and peeled, fast to eat directly with your hands, possibly choosing quail ones, smaller and more particular.

Dessert and snacks cannot be missed!

Biscuits, cupcakes or, even better, a good fruit salad to finish the meal can not miss! Very comfortable to take with you on trips are i Crockki Bites by Zàini in the cereal versions with cocoa cover or red fruits covered with yogurt. In each pack you will also find a surprise of Spider-Man or Disney Frozen to have fun after the picnic!

5 recipes that children will love – Italian Cuisine

fish burger

Greens with spinach and cod or rose with salmon and turnips: 5 easy-to-make ideas for bringing the fish to the table for the little ones

All that is burger and can be served inside a soft sandwich like children. Also the fish.
Here 5 recipes foolproof for the little ones.

Hulk Burger

The Hulk burger is obviously all green and contains spinach. We thought of calling it by the name of this super hero, but you can also opt for Shrek or Popeye, it depends a bit on the children's favorite characters.
Preparing this burger is simple. Just mix 300 g of cod fillet with an egg, 100 g of spinach boiled and well squeezed, a boiled and mashed potato, salt and pepper.
Add little breadcrumbs in the mixture and then made burgers that will be brushed with milk and passed in breadcrumbs. You can cook them in a pan with a little oil or in the oven.

Pink burger

The girls will go crazy in front of a all pink burger.
The basis is the salmon which already has a nice pink color, but to make it even stronger we suggest you use it in the dough red turnips steamed.
First blend, after removing the bones, a salmon fillet and a red turnip.
Then add a large egg or two small ones, a pinch of salt and pepper, chopped parsley and breadcrumbs just enough to reach a perfect consistency.
Once the mixture is ready, leave it in the fridge for an hour and then make the burgers.
They are excellent cooked in the pan, but even these can go into the oven.

Nemo's Burger

This is not a real burger because in this case nothing is cooked.
Nemo's burger is a Fake fish which is prepared with the tuna in oil and boiled potatoes and it is called so because it has the shape of a fish.
Jumbled up 200 g of tuna well drained with 6 potatoes boiled and crushed.
Add chives and a handful of chopped capers, salt and pepper and grated lemon rind.
Leave the mixture in the fridge for a couple of hours and then make small fish that you can serve at the plate with an Arabic bread banner heated in the oven, or in a classic bun.

fish burger

Tuna burger

A cooked version of Nemo burger.
Tuna is an ingredient that children always love, especially in combination with potatoes, so here is the solution.
For the fake cooked fish, add to the previous recipe an egg and a bit of Parmesan and make some breaded burgers to be cooked in the oven or in a pan.

Sole Burger

If your children love delicate tastes and then the sole, propose him as a burger.
After cooking it with a string of oil in the pan, clean it well and shake it. For 300 g of sole clean, add a large egg, parsley, salt, a bit of Parmesan and breadcrumbs as needed.

Fish Burger: the ideal accompaniments

Bread and muffins

The real burger is made with bun, a soft and round American bun covered with sesame seeds, but we can also opt for an Italianized version using some scones.
Also Sandwiches Milk they are good, but be careful because they are easily moistened so once stuffed they should be eaten immediately, especially if there are sauces inside.
Arabic bread is excellent especially with the addition of fresh raw vegetables and yogurt sauce.

Homemade sauces

And speaking of sauces, how to combine these burgers?
Obviously with a good homemade mayonnaise you are never wrong and therefore we invite you to try our recipe of mayonnaise.
Then you can't miss even the Ketchup and this too can easily be prepared at home.
If you want something very delicate you can also opt for a simple one yogurt sauce with lemon juice and chopped mint that goes very well especially with fatty fish such as salmon.

How to stuff the sandwich

At this point, when the burger is ready and the sauces are ready, all that remains is to stuff the sandwich or focaccia.
If children love vegetables use the classic lettuce leaf it's a tomato slice, otherwise only sauces.
Obviously, being a fish burger, the cheese must be excluded!

In the tutorial some ideas for your family dinners based on burger

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