15 recipes that are not the usual butter pasta – Italian Cuisine

15 recipes that are not the usual butter pasta

If you don't feel like tomato sauce, the alternative is white pasta. Asparagus, aubergines, potatoes, fish and meat turn it into a delicious dish

Fast, simple to prepare and tasty. The pasta in white they are the right alternative to the classic pasta with sauce. But what can we cook so as not to take refuge in the usual pasta with butter and garlic, oil and chili pepper? The seasonal vegetables are the right inspiration to color the plate while unexpected spices like curry they amaze the palate with a real explosion of taste. THE cheeses, both reduced in cream and grated, they offer flavor and character, while fish and meat characterize the dishes with taste and substance.

Unique dishes

The recipes that we offer you, in addition to being very quick and simple to prepare, make (when they contain meat and fish) a very good one single dish, ideal for a complete lunch if accompanied by a side dish and a fruit salad. They can be single dishes cold pasta with marinated crudités, bucatini with salami, peppers and sprouts, wholemeal pasta with cannellini beans and squid and guitar pasta with octopus and clams.


On the other hand, the recipes of the pasta with asparagus and castelmagno cream, short pasta with parsley and champignon sauce, penne with tofu and chickpeas, macaroni with potatoes, asparagus and marjoram, spaghetti with garlic, oil, chilli and parmesan cream, pasta with pickles and arugula, pasta, aubergines and mint, pasta with curry, pasta and ricotta, pasta with artichokes and spinach and cold pasta with ricotta pesto.

15 “blank” pasta recipes

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