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Fresh red salmon fish

Fresh or smoked salmon is a fish with rich and tasty meats: here's how to choose it, clean it and cook it

The salmon is a fish with fatty meats but rich in omega 3 and polyunsaturated fats, which contribute to lower the total cholesterol level (the bad one, to be clear) and to raise the good cholesterol, the HDL. Its meats are an important source of energy and protein. Its nutritional characteristics vary however if the fish is an adult or young specimen. In the first case the protein content reaches up to 20%, while in the second it stops at 16%.

Fresh red salmon fish

Fish characteristics

The salmon we consume mostly comes from Norwegian breeding, which have an innovative and safe control system and which guarantees excellent quality of meat and food safety. The meat of this fish is very appreciated for their consistency, pleasantness and versatility in the kitchen. The varieties on the market are many, each with a particular characteristic: the salmon king, more than a meter long, has a color between pink and dark orange; that of the Atlantic, which weighs even over 5 kg, is called the most delicious. Then there is the red salmon, about 70 cm long, from the fine meats, which is often kept canned. Finally, the pink salmon, small in size, just over two kg, has a pink color and soft meat that flakes off easily. For this reason it is easy to find it packed in a box. The best salmon, the most sought after, is the wild one, which goes upstream to return to its river. Usually the finest meats are those of specimens that come from Alaska, Canada and Scotland.

The smoking

Smoking is a process that can take place hot or cold. In the first case the fish fillets are covered with salt and placed at a temperature of 120 ° for 20 minutes and then at 80 ° for three hours, checking that the fish is kept at 75 ° internally. In the case of cold smoking, however, the salmon is covered with salt with the addition of sugar and the fillets are placed for 12 hours at 20 ° C in wooden containers.

How to cook

The large salmon is sold in slices or in slices, which can be grilled or baked. The smaller ones are sold whole and cooked in the oven, in foil or in crust. Smoked salmon, on the other hand, is perfect to be served with toasted bread or marinated with oil and lemon or used to prepare delicious canapes. Below are our suggestions for bringing it to the table.

10 recipes with salmon

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