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Pea Plumcake – Plumcake recipe with peas – Italian Cuisine

»Pea Plumcake - Plumcake recipe with Misya peas

Blanch the peas for 10 minutes from boiling, then drain and let them season in a pan with butter, salt and pepper.
Let them cool.

Put eggs, milk, oil, flour, salt and baking powder in a bowl and knead.
Also add diced cheese, cold peas and pecorino cheese and mix together.

Pour the mixture into the mold covered with parchment paper and cook for about 40 minutes in a convection oven preheated to 180 ° C.

Laciate lightly warm the plum cake with the peas, then unmold it and serve.

Everything you need to know about pea milk (and how to do it at home) – Italian Cuisine

Everything you need to know about pea milk (and how to do it at home)

The new vegetable drink that is also good for the planet. Here's what you know, what its properties are and how you can try to prepare it

The pea milk, recently landed on the US market, has already conquered many: we explain why.

Low environmental impact milk

Perhaps not everyone knows that 1000 liters of water is used to produce just one liter of cow's milk.
Here then that gives an idea of Adam Lowry, already co-founder of a famous range of eco-sustainable soaps, the milk obtained from the peas that would do even save 99% of water with a very low environmental impact, even lower than almond milk. Peas in fact grow in areas with frequent rains and do not need irrigation, on the contrary instead of almond plants. A good milk, they say, and also sustainable.

Consistency and flavor

Speaking of taste, now all that remains is to understand how this milk is.
It shows up dense like almond milk and has a sweet taste very similar to cow's milk. And no, if you're wondering, you don't know about peas.
It is not even green as one might think because it is produced with yellow peas and therefore it has the appearance of milk, as we imagine it.

Properties of pea milk

Compared to the other vegetable substitutes of cow's milk, the one of peas seems to be much more rich in properties:
240 ml of pea milk contains 8 grams of protein, more or less the same amount as a cup of cow milk, but twice as much calcium, potassium, vitamin D and a third of the sugars.
Pea protein is also rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA) that stimulate muscle growth and regulate blood sugar levels.
Pea milk is perfect for those who follow one low calorie diet because, despite being dense, creamy and tasty, it contains fewer calories than skimmed cow's milk and is low in carbohydrates.

How to prepare pea milk at home

In Italy pea milk is not readily available and therefore we can try to reproduce it at home with 1 kg of dry yellow peas, 850 ml of water and a handful of dates to sweeten.
Boil the peas for an hour and a half and then drain them and blend them with 850 ml of water along with two-three pitted dates.
Filter everything with a cotton cloth or a filter and consume it within a week at the most.

5 pea soups for spring: how to prepare them – Italian Cuisine

5 pea soups for spring: how to prepare them

Shelling fresh peas is boring, but it's worth it to cook excellent soups and velvets, but also pasta and soups

THE peas are the ingredient that you absolutely must bring home from the market these days. They are sweet and crunchy and can enrich many dishes in the kitchen. Today we offer you 5 hot soups, because so much is still a bit cold.

Vegetable soup

A classic of our kitchen, a real comfort food that puts everyone in agreement. The minestrone it is made with all the vegetables and legumes that are found in season.
For a tastier dish follow our advice: make a fried of celery, carrots and onions in which you will brown the vegetables and peas cut into pieces more or less of the same size.
Then add water at room temperature and continue cooking until everything is well cooked.
You can play with aromas and then with aromatic herbs.
Do you know what makes minestrone special? A spoonful of pesto at the end of cooking.

Pea and potato cream

A simple dish to make with just a few ingredients.
Just cook potatoes and peas in vegetable broth and then blend everything.
You can add some fresh cream for a softer consistency, but we assure you that potatoes already do their job.
Obviously always adjust the amount of broth and vegetables to make more or less liquid velvets.
To give a little perfume to this velvety we suggest the mint or, if you love spices, curry or paprika smoked.

Noodle soup

There noodle soup it looks like a grandmother's dish, but in reality it is one of the most popular recipes for adults and children, especially in the evening for dinner.
To prepare a really special one, do a vegetable broth also complete with peas and then don't strain it completely, but leave some vegetables inside.
Cook the pasta in the broth like tubes and then serve with plenty of it Parmesan and raw oil.
Do you want advice to make the broth more tasty? Cook in the parmesan crust and then of course eat it too!

Broad bean and pea soup

Along with peas, another ingredient that you absolutely must buy in this period are the Fava beans.
Together they are extraordinary because the "ferrous" aftertaste of the beans contrasts the sweetness of the peas in a delicate and very palatable way.
You can use them together to prepare a velvety, always with a potato base, or you can make a soup together with other vegetables and vegetables.
A simple sauce of broad beans, peas and asparagus cooked with oil and onion, it is also perfect to season pasta to be sprinkled with pecorino romano.

Cereal soup with peas

A balanced dish in which i are present cereals such as spelled, barley, rice or what you prefer and i legumes which represent the protein part.
You can prepare a soup dpearl barley and peas or even one of broad beans, spelled and peas.
Just prepare a sauté to quickly brown fava beans and peas together with the chopped onion.
Blend everything with vegetable broth and, once it has come to a boil, add the cereals, always previously rinsed to remove any residues.

How to accompany a pea soup

If it is a velvety you can add a tablespoon of sour cream or del caprine in the middle of each portion.
If it is pasta in broth or cereal just add a drizzle of oil and plenty of Parmesan.
In any case, prepare some toasted bread because it's always a good idea!

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