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Kate Middleton, 40 years between pizza and carbonara – Italian Cuisine

Happy birthday to the Duchess of Cambridge, who loves Italian cuisine, also a passion of Prince William and their children George, Charlotte and Louis

Happy Birthday to Kate Middleton, but not just any birthday. Today 9 January, the Duchess of Cambridge accomplishes 40 years and the happiest wishes come from all over the world. The go-ahead was officially given by the publication of wonderful portraits of the possible future queen, made by the great Italian photographer Paolo Roversi in the wonderful bucolic setting of the Kew Gardens in London. It will be possible to admire them at the National Portrait Gallery, of which the Duchess of Cambridge has officially been patroness since 2012, as part of the project Coming Home. In the meantime, we join in the best wishes by giving Kate Middleton two Italian recipes: the bacon and egg and the Pizza. Because? Now we explain it to you …


George's passion for carbonara

Although spaghetti are among the dishes not allowed by the royal label, Kate Middleton he is very fond of Italian cuisine and so does his son George. It was the chef Aldo Zilli to reveal in an interview with Femail that the grandson of the Queen Elizabeth II has a great passion for bacon and egg. The Italian cook is still waiting for the call from Prince William, with whom he collaborated for charitable operations, to teach them the authentic recipe. In the meantime, we'll take care of the recipe that the Panella family of the legendary recently revealed to us Antica Pesa Since 1922 of the Trastevere district of Rome. Below we put the direct link to the recipe, which maybe is convenient for you too, right?

Harry's addiction to pizza on the sofa

Not just spaghetti. Kate Middleton he loves making pizza with his children George, Charlotte and Louis, as revealed in the special A Berry Royal Christmas of the BBC. We also saw her at work preparing pizza with the children of London's Islington Community Garden and Princess Charlotte's favorite dish. It is not the only one: Prince William also loves pizza, but there's a problem. During an official visit to a military base, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed to everyone her husband's passion for eating pizza on the sofa with the consequences of stains and mess that we can only imagine. Also in this case, we gladly give away the recipe for homemade pizza and we hope that the eldest son of the never forgotten Lady Diana will stop staining the Windsor sofa!

Cover photo: Paolo Roversi via Instagram

The roast chicken cooked by Kate Moss … what a surprise! – Italian Cuisine

Kate Moss

The top model icon of the 90s "heroin chic" cooks for British Vogue: her roast chicken with potatoes is … on the cover!

The top model Kate Moss debuts as a cook for British Vogue, the English version of the iconic fashion magazine. With the fluency of a pro, cook the roast chicken with baked potatoes for a table of illustrious guests, by the stylist Kim Jones to the editor of the magazine Edward Enninful, which gives it a nice 8 as a vote – not bad as a result!

Who would have ever said that the famous model from the 90s, symbol of beauty heroin chic would she be good at cooking? At the age of 45, barely accomplished in February and still a successful catwalk and photo shoot pro, Kate Moss reveals an aspect of her that we did not expect. Still, he hopes to love Sunday lunch in the company and to have cooked for friends as the singer and model Rita Ora or the former member of the one direction today soloist, Harry Styles. Letting your imagination run wild, your Sunday table could be the all-stars cast of Jim Jarmush or Robert Altman

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Watch #BritishVogue cover star Kate Moss as she cooks her famous roast chicken for some very special dinner guests. See the full film via the link in bio. Starring #KateMoss, @CTilburyMakeUp, @EmmaWeymouth, @Edward_Enninful, @MrKimJones and @Blondey. Directed and edited by @Kloss_Films, shot by Alex Reid, produced by @TheRealMinnieCarver, styled by @FloFloArnold, makeup by @CTilburyMakeUp, hair by @DeclanSheilsHair and nails by @LorraineVGriffin.

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With this secret passion, Kate Moss is the protagonist of a surprising video show cooking created by Vogue UK on the occasion of the May 2019 issue, which sees the iconic model as guest editor and protagonist of three different covers. With his strong accent from the London province of Croydon and the characteristic laughter, he recounts his Sunday recipe: Roast Chicken with Baked Potatoes and Broccoli and Steamed Carrots. Dressed in total look black with his proverbial skinny jeans, Kate moves amused between ingredients and cookware to the rhythm of the music reggae, his favorite soundtrack in the kitchen on Sunday. Season the chicken and the boiled potatoes with salt, onion, lemon and rosemary, then put them in the oven in two turns. Do not fail to prepare also the sauce, or the classic gravy sauce with lots of chef's tricks how to add flour to thicken. An apparent "professionalism" really nice expressed among the various "Yum! " and jokes like "looks like the witch's potion!".

An unmissable video for all the fans (and not) of the top model, who never would have imagined seeing her in a home cooking version, accustomed to seeing her star of fashion or gossip for her head shots like smoking on the catwalk Louis Vuitton in 2011 then designed by Marc Jacobs or the love stories and tormented marriages between Johnny Depp, Jefferson Hack, Pete Doherty, Jamie Hince until recently Count Nikolai von Bismarck – just to name a few.

Kate Moss

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The menu of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle – Italian Cuisine

The menu of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

Going to discover the eating habits and favorite dishes of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, here is the real menu that we would offer them from appetizers to desserts!

Imagine inviting the Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton is Meghan Markle for a lunch or dinner. It would be a table to say the least interesting: each of the royal guests with stories certainly pleasing and, why not, intriguing to tell. Starting from His Majesty and his 67 years of reign sprinkled with important events up to the anecdotes on the set of Suits (the TV series in which Harry's wife acted) or the secret adventures in college with William … in short, they would have something to do with stimulating chatter! Or we could have fun dreaming of be the chef of Buckingham Palace and having to manage the historical kitchens of the royal family; after all, Carnival is not far! In both cases, what should we not miss on the table to satisfy the royal palate?

Traditional cuisine for Elizabeth II

First of all, two very important rules not to be underestimated that reminds us Kiersten Hickman: the first is to follow the Queen leaving her the right to sit down at the table, the second to start and finish the meal with her (and hurry up: otherwise you risk not finish what you have in the pot). This royal etiquette it gives us one more reason to serve Elizabeth's favorite foods, which have been revealed to the subjects of Darren McGrady in his best seller Eating Royally. The former court chef calls Her Majesty not exactly a kitchen enthusiast, rather a person who simply "eats to live", very disciplined and with an eye to the line, which she maintains thanks to the rule no-starch, ie no starches, avoiding, then pasta, rice and potatoes (a source of disappointment with Meghan Markle, it seems). If McGrady reveals the pleasure for the gin-based cocktails or the passion for the dark chocolate, is John Higgins to affirm to the "National Post" that during his work at Buckingham Palace the royal fridges always had a good supply of mango, fruit loved by the Queen. From the "Telegraph", on the other hand, Owen Hodgson declares that His Majesty loves thewell cooked roast with mushrooms and side dish marmite, The spreadable cream based on brewer's yeast extract that can never be lacking in an English kitchen. One last trick is thegarlic, which is particularly unwelcome and therefore absolutely prohibited in any recipe!

(Instagram photo @theroyalfamily).

Italian-style Sgarro for Kate Middleton

To make happy Kate Middleton it takes very little: his favorite dish is the Pizza! During an official visit to a school in Islington, London, last January, we saw her smile satisfied with her hands literally in paste. He declared to cook pizza herself with the help of her children Charlotte is George, also their fans of the Italian dish. On that occasion, a funny anecdote about the Queen: a child asked the Duchess of Cambridge if the mother-in-law likes the pizza unwittingly in difficulty: "It's a good question I can not answer … The next time I see her I'll ask her". Moreover, as we said before, His Majesty does not allow carbohydrates at the table and actually the choice leads to excellent results given his iron health. Remove from the list, normally Kate Middleton prefers aprotein nutrition, healthy, without fats and sugars; to prepare for his wedding with William he had followed the Dukan Diet. Fruit pies or mixed fruit salad they are his favorite desserts, not to be missed at the table!

(Photo Yui Mok / PA Images via Getty Images).

All American for Meghan Markle

As for the sister in law, also the Duchess of Sussex follows a strict diet with few sugars and zero fats. The woman from the thinner ankles of Hollywood has every intention of maintaining her slender physical form that we have admired since the wedding in white Givenchy designed by her friend Claire Waight Keller. The transition from set to court commitments has been quite natural: it is always impeccable next to her husband Harry, to whom he has changed eating habits. Even for the red prince, just coffee, alcohol and meat. In fact, the 36 year old eats food plant-based during the week and leave the weekend for some concession like the roast chicken. But there is a dish that Meghan Markle has difficulty giving up: le fries! In fact, he declared: "I can not wait to have lunch with friends so I can order French fries and share them with everyone". Another dish that reminds you of childhood is mac and cheese, who likes to prepare herself with the addition of peas.

(Instagram photo @theroyalfamily)

Browse the gallery to discover the fantastic menu for Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle!

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