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How to prepare delicious desserts on a budget – Italian Cuisine

Spend little and make a great impression? You can with the five desserts we have selected for you. Beautiful to look at, delicious to eat and easy to make

Here is a selection of mind-boggling desserts perfect for all occasions and super cheap.

Creme caramel

Crème caramel is that spoon dessert that you have to prepare at least once in your life because it is a classic and also quite easy to make. To do this, a few simple ingredients are enough so it will cost very little but you will make a great impression with your guests!
It can be made with a classic mold, or in single portions.
Watch out for cooking because if it is not compact enough it breaks.


Pavlova is one of the most elegant desserts there is.
White and frothy as snow and sugary as only meringues can be, in fact it is made only with egg whites and sugar.
The nice thing about this dessert is that you can then enrich it with whipped cream or custard and lots of colorful fruit to turn it into a true work of art.

Stuffed apples

Stuffed and baked apples are the unexpected dessert: a treat at the end of a meal, to be enjoyed warm and with a creamy accompaniment based on ice cream, cream or cream.
What to fill the apples with?
You can indulge yourself with dried fruit such as chopped hazelnuts and almonds, or raisins and pine nuts, or dried figs and chopped dates.
For a very tasty variant, use crumbled biscuits: the best are the Amaretti biscuits.
To empty the inside of the apple, use a core remover and dig it out well to remove all the seeds.
Once filled, sprinkle with orange juice, sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon and bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes, or until the apples are soft.

Stuffed apples.
Stuffed apples.

Homemade ice cream

We call it easy ice cream for two emotional people: it is prepared with two ingredients and without an ice cream maker.
The ingredients are condensed milk and fresh (whipped) cream in equal quantities.
Once everything is mixed with an electric whisk, place the ice cream in a container and leave it in the freezer for about three hours.
To make it softer, add an alcoholic part such as a cup of rum or whiskey cream.
You can also enrich it with crumbled biscuits, chocolate chips or spreads.
It is an excellent accompaniment to cooked apples, strudel or pandoro and panettone at Christmas.

Fruit galette

The galette is a very easy tart, filled with fresh fruit, which is prepared with a base of shortcrust pastry which does not have to be perfect, on the contrary … this cake is beautiful in its imperfection!
Not regular in the edges and rustic in its way, the fruit galette is the dessert that everyone can prepare without difficulty and in a few minutes.
It's cheap, it's delicious and perfect for any occasion!

Discover all the ideas in the gallery

Taleggio PDO: 7 delicious recipes to try – Italian Cuisine

And the table is a fairy tale: 7 characters create 7 crazy recipes with Taleggio DOP, all explained here to try them together

With the Taleggio D.O.P. the table is a fairy tale. Fairy tales have the extraordinary ability to never tire of us and to always be able to conquer new generations. Just like the Taleggio D.O.P which with its unmistakable flavor becomes the protagonist of the most loved stories of all time, giving them a whole new taste, which will make all the characters happy and content.

Here are 7 recipes based on Taleggio PDO created by as many 7 characters:

ANGELICA MASSERA / Risotto with Taleggio DOP, apples, speck and walnuts

200 g Carnaroli rice (or other type for risotto)
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp butter
1 shallot
q.s. vegetable broth
70 g speck (approx.)
30 g walnut kernels (approx.)
60 g Taleggio PDO
q.s. Parmigiano Reggiano DOP (grated)
1 apple

For the Risotto with Taleggio PDO, apples, speck and walnuts, prepare a vegetable broth or simply a granular or classic nut broth.
In a pan, lightly heat the extra virgin olive oil with the butter and sauté the finely chopped shallot.
Add the rice and toast it over high heat for a couple of minutes.
Pour a ladle of hot broth and mix.
Add a pinch of pepper and salt and always cook the risotto over high heat, adding hot broth from time to time and stirring.
In the meantime, cut the speck and apples into cubes.
In another hot pan pour a drizzle of oil, add both the speck and the apples, sauté them over high heat and brown them.
When there are 4-5 minutes left to cook the rice (which usually takes 15-18 minutes) add the speck and diced apples.
Complete the cooking of the risotto, and only when the heat is off, add the chopped walnut kernels, the Taleggio cheese cut into small pieces and the grated Parmesan cheese.
Mix well to melt the Taleggio and whisk the Risotto with Taleggio PDO, apples, speck and walnuts making it even more creamy.

LUCAKE – LUCA PEREGO / Cheesecake with Taleggio, Nuts and Honey

For the base: biscuits, nuts, butter
For the cream: taleggio, ricotta, powdered sugar, cream, gelatin
For the decoration: pears, sugar, butter, rum

Blend biscuits and nuts until they are powdered, add melted butter and put them in the mold
Heat the cream, the icing sugar, add the taleggio cheese to make it melt, then the gelatin previously softened in water. When the mixture is at room temperature, add ricotta. Pour into molds and place in the fridge to cool.
Cut the pears into slices and cook and caramelize them in a pan with butter, sugar and rum. Leave to cool.
Remove the cheesecakes from the molds, place on serving plates, decorate the surface with caramelized pears

MAURIZIO ROSAZZA / Sword roll, walnuts and Taleggio PDO With Mediterranean Herbs And Salt Salad Of Mixed Pear, Celery And Mint

4 slices of swordfish
10 walnut kernels
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Pepper as needed.
Mixed flavors: thyme, basil, parsley, rosemary to taste
Paprika to taste
120 grams of Taleggio PDO
3 pears of different types
mint to taste
Fresh white celery 200 grams (also leaves)


Take the swordfish slices, remove the skin and place them between two sheets of parchment paper. With a rolling pin tap and roll out.
Season with the aromatic salt obtained by blending salt and herbs. Put a pinch of paprika and insert the taleggio cheese in the center.
Bake at 200 degrees until golden brown.
Close by way of a roll.
Cut the pears into strips, keeping the peel and removing the core.
Cut the celery lengthwise and put it in ice water.
Create a salad with celery, pears, oil and vinegar.
Compose the dish.

GNAMBOX / Khachapuri with Taleggio D.O.P.

Ingredients for a khachapuri:
350 g pizza dough
100 g mozzarella
80 g Taleggio PDO
1 yolk
fresh chili
extra virgin olive oil

Heat the oven to 220 ° C with fan.
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough giving it a circular shape of about 25 cm.
With your fingers, take the ends of the dough and raise it, stretch it slightly then begin to create raised edges by rolling them on themselves to form the shape of a boat and insert the grated mozzarella and the Taleggio D.O.P. cut into pieces.
Bake the khachapuri until the crust begins to brown and the cheese begins to melt, about 15 minutes.
Remove from the oven, brush the edges with oil then put it back in the oven for another 5 minutes until the crust is crisp and the cheese begins to toast.
With a spoon make a small hole in the center of the filling and lay the yolk down.
Serve with some fresh chilli pepper cut into slices, a grind of pepper.
To eat it, mix the yolk into the cheese mixture using a fork, then tear off some pieces of bread and dip them in the cheese while it is still hot.

ALIDA GOTTA / Onions stuffed with Taleggio PDO fondue

Ingredients for 6 people:
6 large blond onions
800 g of Taleggio
200 gr milk
100 g of dry macaroons
Butter to taste
salt and pepper

Soak the taleggio cheese for 1 night in diced milk, the next day melt it in a bain-marie until you get a smooth fondue.
Wash the onions well with the skin and cook them in the oven for a couple of hours at a low temperature (about 120 ° C).
Cut them in half and empty them inside. Chop the emptied part of onion and let it lose its water in a colander.
In the meantime, add the softened taleggio fondue and the chopped onions, lastly add the crumbled amaretti; season with salt and pepper if necessary.
Stuff the onions with the filling obtained, sprinkle them lightly with a little macaroon powder and a flake of butter. Gratin the onions in a preheated oven at 180 ° C.

MOCHO / Fame da Lupi – Taleggio Burger, Burger with breaded Taleggio slice, spicy strawberry jam, sautéed mushrooms, herb mayo

1 thick slice of taleggio cheese (200g)
80g porcini mushrooms
50g strawberry jam
30g mayonnaise
2 Slices of Pancarrè
1 clove of garlic
aromatic herbs (thyme, marjoram, parsley)
chili powder QB
100g breadcrumbs
1 l frying oil
1 egg
flour to taste
extra virgin olive oil QB
salt & pepper to taste

Cut a thick slice of Taleggio cheese and put it in the freezer on a baking sheet with parchment paper for 15 minutes
Cut the mushrooms and sauté them in a pan over high heat with, oil, garlic and parsley.
Mix the strawberry jam with the chilli powder and mix.
Finely chop the thyme and marjoram and add the herbs to the mayonnaise.
Coat the slice of taleggio with flour, eggs and breadcrumbs. repeat egg and breadcrumbs for double breading.
Fry the taleggio cheese until golden.
Toast the bread and assemble everything.

LORENZO BIAGIARELLI / Scones with a Taleggio PDO foam and mushroom jam

250 gr flour 0
125 ml cold milk
70 gr butter
half a sachet of baking powder
1 pinch of salt
a spoon of sugar
200 gr porcini mushrooms
two shallots
extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 splash of vinegar
fresh thyme
salt and pepper
200 gr taleggio cheese
200 gr fresh cream

For the scones: cut the butter into cubes, mix all the powders and cover the butter, stirring with a spoon. Add the milk, blitz in the food processor for a few seconds until the mixture is raw, compact it with your hands and leave in the fridge for half an hour. Remove from the fridge, form the scones (round or triangular), bake at 220 for 10 minutes.

For the jam: caramelize the shallots with oil, salt and pepper, for about twenty minutes over low heat, adding sugar and vinegar at the end. Aside, sauté the diced mushrooms with the thyme, then incorporate the rest of the mixture by caramelizing for a few minutes.

For the taleggio mousse: whip the cream, melt the taleggio cheese in a bain-marie (keeping a little crust aside) and then incorporate the cream with a spatula. Garnish at the end with a piece of crust.

MATRICOMIO / JACK PANINO Sandwich with wild boar ham, taleggio cheese and hazelnut sauce

Ingredients for 1 sandwich:
2 slices of homemade bread
60g wild boar ham
70g Taleggio PDO
For the hazelnut sauce:
250ml of milk
80g of toasted hazelnuts
1/2 golden onion
25g of 0 soft wheat flour
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 sprig of rosemary
Salt to taste
pepper as needed

Brown the thinly sliced ​​onion together with the oil in a saucepan. Combine the flour until it forms a sort of roux, then dilute with the milk to obtain a sauce. When it begins to thicken, add the chopped hazelnuts, rosemary, salt and pepper.
Leave on the heat for a few moments until thick, then blend.
Toast the slices of bread, then fill with taleggio cheese and wild boar ham, spreading the hazelnut sauce on both slices.

Prickly pear: a delicious recipe from Sicily – Italian Cuisine

Having fully entered Sicilian iconography, the prickly pear draws the landscape of the island, transforming it into a postcard. But he also repainted the table

Originally from Central and South America, in the history ofOpuntia ficus does not lack the intertwining with the legend. It is said, in fact, that it was Christopher Columbus to taste the fruit during his trip to the Americas, but thinking he was in India, he called it prickly pear.

The prickly pear arrives in Sicily

One of the undisputed symbols of Mexico, so much so as to be included in the national flag emblem, is in Sicily which has found its second home since the early 1500s, most likely introduced by the arrival of the Spaniards on the island.
Whether it is the volcanic soils of Etna, or the sandy and clayey ones, the prickly pear is ante litteram the fruit of sustainability and resilience. With zero impact on the environment, it does not need massive water resources to survive, it has a great ability to survive in the Sicilian summer heat. Organic by vocation, it does not require pesticide treatments for its cultivation. The most transversal fruit on Earth boasts countless uses: from gastronomic to medical, passing through cosmetics.

In Sicily there are five thousand hectares devoted to the cultivation of prickly pear, four production poles (Etna, San Cono, Roccapalumba, Santa Margherita di Belice), two DOP awards (Etna DOP, San Cono DOP) and a Production District that focuses on its growth and identity.

From mid-August to December, the Sicilian countryside is an explosion of colors: from the yellow of Sulfarin, the yellow pulp variant of the prickly pear, to the red of Sanguine, up to the white of the Muscaredda.

To these three varieties, we also add that of the "bastardoni", the fruits obtained from the second flowering, induced by the manual cutting of the first flower (a practice called in Sicilian "scozzolatura"). A natural, agricultural, but also human landscape, represented by the iconic, as difficult and demanding as it is hand-picked.

The prickly pear at the table. But not only…

With a delicate and full-bodied taste, a fibrous texture, there are so many properties and benefits that the prickly pear is a real super food. Rich in fiber, vitamins and mineral salts, this fruit has recognized diuretic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and gastroprotective properties.

Even in Sicilian popular culture, as well as in the original Aztec culture, there is room for the therapeutic and curative use of the medicinal properties of the prickly pear. And to confirm that nothing is thrown away from this fruit, the cladodes (ie the blades of the plant) have always been used in Sicily as a healing agent.

Liqueurs, infusions, drinks, jams, creams and much more, on the island everyone is crazy about this fruit, which in Sicily has given rise to various entrepreneurial realities that are increasingly specialized in the production, processing and transformation of the prickly pear.

In San Cono, one of the capitals of the Sicilian prickly pear, the couple Luca Santonocito and Daniela Farchica, with their company I'm cool to be good they dedicated themselves to the transformation of the fruit by creating a line of jams and pesto, declining it in its sweet and savory version.

The extracts of this precious plant are exploited to the maximum in cosmetics in the face-body line of Etna Cosmesi, while on the slopes of Etna, Sicilio is the brand that the Op La Deliziosa company has dedicated to the production of an organic drink, with 75% of Etna PDO prickly pear pulp and juice.

In Roccapalumba, a municipality in the Palermo area that rises at the foot of the imposing fortress, the cultivation and processing of prickly pear represent the main economic resource. The More than … fig consortium was also born: every year a festival celebrates its properties and uses in the gastronomic world.

Electrocuted on the way toOpuntia ficus, this fruit has captivated chefs and pastry chefs, continually providing new ideas for culinary and confectionery creations. It all begins with prickly pear mustard, the famous dessert of Sicilian popular culinary art, to reach the present day, with new expressions and recipes such as ice cream, salads, paté, going as far as panettone.

Giuseppe Zito, pastry chef from Mezzojuso, another small charming village in the Palermo area, dedicated his Terre Sicane recipe to prickly pear, paying homage to what for the Sicilian pastry chef "is the most iconic and representative fruit of Sicily".

In this original recipe, Zito made the most of all three varieties and parts of this fruit, from the peel, used for the caramelized diced, to dried flowers for coulis, to cladodes (shovels).

The chocolate crumble closes, which symbolically represents the Sicilian land.

«A fragile fruit, difficult to work and transform. It's a good challenge, says Zito. If you don't balance the prickly pear cactus well with the other ingredients, you risk losing its identity ".

Giuseppe Zito.
Giuseppe Zito.

Terre Sicane recipe

Prickly pear shovel coulis
1 shovel of tender prickly pear of about 500 g
5 star anise flowers
1/2 cinnamon stick


Brush the shovel well and take care to remove all the thorns, remove a very thin layer from the surface of the shovel, boil the shovel together with the star anise flowers and the half cinnamon stick for 15 minutes from boiling, let it cool completely in water cooking. Blend the shovel with the help of a cutter and then pass through a very fine-grained colander to remove all the fibers, an essential step for a velvety coulis.

Brunoise of prickly pears
8 prickly pear peels
100 g of sugar
30 g of orange juice
10 dried prickly pear flowers


Boil the peels of prickly pears in water together with the dried prickly pear flowers for 5 minutes from boiling, peel the prickly pear peels and refrigerate overnight. Then, dry the skins well and cut them into cubes. In a pan, put the sugar and orange juice and bring to a boil, add the prickly pears and create a semi-candied mixture and place in the fridge.

Quenelle of prickly pear
600 g of peeled prickly pears / total juice 300 g
500 of custard
10 g of isinglass
280 g of white chocolate
300 g of unsweetened semi-gloss cream


With the help of an extractor, extract the juice from prickly pears. Bring the custard to 45 degrees and add the previously melted white chocolate; pour in the prickly pear juice, the isinglass previously melted in the microwave, the semi-gloss cream. Mix everything with the help of a spatula and place in the fridge until it cools. Subsequently, create quenelles with the help of two spoons.

Procedure for serving
In a plate, create a comma with a fairly pot-bellied shovel coulis, in order to recreate the shape of a prickly pear shovel. On one side, place the brunoise of prickly pears and on top lay the quenelles of prickly pears. Close at the bottom with a sprinkling of chocolate crumble to recreate an effect that refers to the Sicilian land. Decorate with edible flowers.

Text by Liliana Rosano

Prickly pear: three recipes from Sicily

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