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Antonella Clerici, from La Prova del Cuoco to the Orio Vergani Award … congratulations! – Italian Cuisine

antonella clerici

After 18 years of La Prova del Cuoco (and beyond), Antonella Clerici is officially recognized for her commitment to enhancing and promoting Italian cuisine

Day of great satisfaction for Antonella Clerici, who receives the Award Orio Vergani 2019 "for enhancing and promoting traditional Italian cuisine". This is the official reason given by theItalian Academy of Cuisine, who thus officially acknowledged the merit of the journalist and TV presenter for bringing the kitchen on TV with verve and sympathy – already eighteen years ago with The cook's test, and then continue with other TV programs and recipe books.

Directly from the hands of Paolo Petroni, President ofItalian Academy of Cuisine, Antonella Clerici proudly withdrew the prestigious award, which since 1984 has rewarded those who supported the gastronomic culture with their own activity in every field in Italy or abroad. In the past, it had already been awarded to notable winners like theAssociation of Ambassadors of Taste in the person of its President Cristina Bowerman or Commissioner Montalbano in the person of Luca Zingaretti.

antonella clerici
Antonella Clerici receives the Orio Vergani award from Paolo Petroni, President of the Italian Academy of Cuisine

We just saw her on the stage of Identità Golose 2019 to tell his kitchen on TV before MasterChef, today in the golden hall of the Principi di Savoia in Milan it retraces the adventure for which it is rewarded with its usual joy. In elegant red suit softened by the white silk tank top and high heels, Antonella Clerici it is a river in flood.

Now that it has detached itself definitively from the symbol transmission, it succeeds in reviving the ancient project begun in Rai in 2000 with objectivity and also emotion – especially when it remembers the teachings acquired by Beppe Bigazzi is Anna Moroni, historical comrades of the television adventure. The journalist's vision starts from her mother's question "What do I cook today?”Which made her reflect on the lack of TV programs of recipes in Italy, already in vogue instead in the United States. A winning foresight that led her to have up to six million viewers, especially under the festivities like Christmas, bringing The cook's test to become a real cult format of Italian TV.

The formula of the Antonellina Nazionale based on simplicity has conquered the public in a transversal way: each episode strictly without script was broadcast live entering Italian homes. From his point of view, instead, today the kitchen on TV is used as a pretext to make a show, hours of recording set up like a movie, for “an interesting result". Retracing the traditions, rediscovering the products of the territory, communicating everyday life through Italian food, even with novelties (“We were the first to introduce the figure of the sommeiller, who suggested wine for the whole meal, not just within reach"), This was his mission.

Antonella Clerici with Paolo Petroni, President of the Italian Academy of Cuisine

Between yesterday and today, Antonella Clerici, a great lover of the table, he notices a difference in approach towards the kitchen. If for his generation the novelty was limited to the maximum of the eighties paninarians and to the hamburger sandwich, today's young people are more curious and fall in love with tastes as distant as sushi. Having said this, however, he sees in them a link to traditions and an interest in the territory, spurring them to choose a future in agriculture or in protecting the territory.

He won with his home-made approach in favor of a kitchen for everyone and made with simple spontaneity: this was the key to the heart of the Italian cathode ray tube. Today more than ever his intuition has been rewarded. At the moment, Antonella Clerici retires to the countryside to enjoy family life, but promises to come back with new ideas for cooking on TV.

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