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Caramel panettone with almond cones – Italian Cuisine

Caramel panettone with almond cones

1) For the decoration, chopped the biscuits in the mixer reducing them into fine crumbs; mix them with the ricotta and 2 tablespoons of condensed milk and mix. Leave rest for 10 minutes, then knead the mixture to obtain slightly elongated meatballs; finally cover them with the slices of almonds in order to obtain small pine cones. Brush the sprigs of rosemary with the remaining condensed milk and roll them in a little granulated sugar to create a frosted effect.

2) For the dessert, dissolve the sugar in a saucepan with a thick bottom and caramelize it over low heat; then add a pinch of salt and 175 ml of cold cream, stirring vigorously to melt the caramel. Transfer the mixture in a bowl and let it cool, first at room temperature, then in the fridge. When the caramel cream is very cold, add the rest of the cream and whip with a whisk.

3) Cut the panettone in 3 parts, horizontally, eliminating the cap; stuff the 3 discs with the caramel cream prepared only on the side up and stack them in order to recompose the panettone. Finish with the cap and spread the remaining filling over the entire surface of the cake with the help of a spatula. Decorate with the pignette and the sprinkles of frosted rosemary.


Posted 11/12/2021


Il Gioco del Gelato, the card challenge between recipes, ingredients and cones to be served – Italian Cuisine

Here is the idea of ​​summer launched by the master ice cream maker Alberto Marchetti: a game to understand the secrets of the best artisan ice cream

That of "You don't play with food" is a rule that applies only and exclusively when it comes to cooking fight waste. For the rest, off to fun and sharing: the famous ice cream master knows very well Alberto Marchetti, which in this hot summer 2020 dedicated to family and proximity holidays has decided to launch its own Ice Cream Game. That no, unfortunately does not include spoons and cups for a taste, but still promises to keep company with young and old through a curious challenge cards set right behind the counter of an ice cream shop.

A life dedicated to ice cream

The bond that unites Alberto Marchetti and the ice cream shop has deep and very firm roots. Born on the same day that his father inaugurated his renewed cremeria in Nichelino, near turin, Marchetti makes its way year after year into the world of high artisan gelato making through a close collaboration – which began in 2008 – with Slow Food and with the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus. Result: a conscious and careful choice of all the best raw materials, which leads to the creation of the very curious Presidia ice creams. Including, just to mention the most famous, that of Roccaverano robiola, Chontalpala chocolate, Tortona strawberry and Ramassin from Val Bronda.

In 2017 it was born Marchetti house in Turin, a small two-story universe entirely dedicated to ice cream, with an open laboratory, an exhibition space dedicated to the history of this glorious dessert and a kitchen for events. In 2018, then, Alberto Marchetti signed an important partnership with the Starbucks Reserve Roastery of Milan, for which he creates the Nitro Gelato Affogato, a true example of molecular ice cream. And in the meantime he founded the International High Gelato School, together with Roberto Lobrano: a professional school that aims to offer excellent training courses aimed at getting to know and perfect the art and techniques of ice cream.

Card after card, recipe after recipe

And that's how you get to the Ice Cream Game, born in collaboration with The Scarabeo. Recommended for ages 6 and up, it challenges players to juggle ingredients, flavors and recipes, with the aim of satisfying customer requests as much as possible. The box, in fact, is composed of a special recipe book and 110 cards, divided into Customer cards, Ingredient cards and Basic Ingredient cards. In turn, following the rules in the game package, each player decides whether to prepare an ice cream to serve the customer, or to obtain the necessary ingredients to expand their offer.

To prepare the ice cream, the player must discard the necessary ingredients from the hand, checking first that it is possible to follow the recipe by thread and by sign. Special wild cards can replace any ingredient. Moral: the more ice cream the customers prefer, the more players prepare, the more victory points he earns for the final report. A cool and fun way to understand that after all, to prepare an ice cream made in a workmanlike manner, few ingredients are enough, but that must be really good. The game is on sale for 12 euros in the ice cream parlors of Alberto Marchetti, on his official site and in the best toy stores.

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Chocolate Pine Cones – Chocolate Pinecone Recipe – Italian Cuisine

»Chocolate Pine Cones - Misya Chocolate Pinecone Recipe

Put the biscuits (I used the chocolate ones for an even more intense taste, but you can use biscuits of your choice) in the mixer and chopped.
Melt the butter.

Combine biscuits, cocoa, butter and milk in a bowl and knead until the mixture is smooth, soft but compact.

With your hands just damp, divide the dough into 6 parts and shape each piece to form the base of your pine cone, a sort of cone.
Finally, starting from the base of the cone, start adding the cereals to simulate the flakes of your pine cones.
Let it rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

The chocolate pinecones are ready: decorated to taste with icing sugar and served.

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