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on January 17th in Naples we celebrate St. Anthony and the pizza chefs – Italian Cuisine

On the day in which the celebration of the saint occurs, in the capital of Naples they set up the Pizzaiuolo Day to recall an ancient tradition of bonfire propitiators and propose a special pizza

After the proclamation of the Art of Neapolitan Pizzaiolo to the Unesco World Heritage of Unesco, countless new initiatives have sprung up to celebrate pizza and its masters. One of these is the "City Day of the Neapolitan Pizzaiuolo" which, established a year ago by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana and the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, is celebrated in Naples on January 17th.

Sant'Antonio and the pizza chefs

Why this date? It is the recurrence of Saint Anthony the Abbot, considered protector of bakers and pizza makers, a day in which, in ancient times, the Neapolitan families closed the pizzerias for half a day and went to a restaurant in Capodimonte, Colli Aminei, to light together a propitiatory bonfire.

How to prepare pasta for Neapolitan pizza

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The saint's pizza to taste

Today we wanted to evoke this tradition, but the pizzerias will not close, indeed: the premises participating in the initiative will propose a special pizza dedicated to the saint. The ingredients? Those of the classic Margherita, tomato, mozzarella, oil and basil, and then sausage, spicy salami and ricotta.

The perfect kit to give away to aspiring chefs at Christmas – Italian Cuisine

The perfect kit to give away to aspiring chefs at Christmas

Knives, pots, measuring cups, but also a planetary and a blast chiller. Here's what to give to friends and relatives who love cooking as professionals

If among the people you have to do a gift this Christmas there is one really, but really passionate about cooking, so much so that when you go to eat at his house you seem to be sitting at the table of a starred restaurant, you just have to think of a gift that is useful for cooking at best. And the same is true even for friends or relatives who are starting to try their hand at preparations by real chefs.

The chef's kit

What to give? There are some tools and appliances that I am indispensable in the kitchen. Maybe the recipient of your gift would like to renew those who have or still do not own them. We have collected this to make it easier for you to choose ten ideas.

There are the knives, one for each use: for bread, for meat, for fish, for vegetables. Yes, because sometimes it's not that you are not able to cut the ingredients in the right way: it's just that you do not have the right knife. Then there is the set of pure aluminum cookware, one nipper with interchangeable tips to fish the fish, but also to fry or to serve, there are measuring spoons to measure the liquid and dry ingredients quickly and practically, there is the whip to beat the eggs for mayonnaise or zabaglione, there is the basket for steaming, the cheese grater for the peels, the kitchen robot for perfect doughs, the immersion blender and theblast perfect for domestic kitchen.

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Sweet Christmas from Coincasa with chefs and confectioners – Italian Cuisine

Iginio Massari

Home purchases with delights of high pastries: this is the new Christmas shopping formula. Accompany the great masters

Bringing up a wider and wider audience to the art of confectionery thanks to the work of great masters, combining the home decor with haute cuisine.
This is the (greedy) thought behind Sweet Days, initiative of Coincasa until November 30th in stores throughout Italy. Six stages, from Milan to Catania, in collaboration with Identità Golose, the world congress of haute cuisine founded by Paolo Marchi.
Six meetings, dedicated to interaction with the public, between confectioners and fans. After Milan, with Heinz Beck, the appointments of Catania have arrived, with Corrado Assenza, Cagliari, with Gianluca Aresu, and Naples with Salvatore De Riso. As a background, many kitchen utensils and objects with which to decorate the table, to be inspired and then continue with the experiments in our home.
On the agenda: November 28th at 6.30pm, in Rome, Ornella De Felice of Coromandel e Monia Di Liello of Angelina, two master pastry chefs of the capital; and on the 30th at 6.30 pm, in Bologna, the great one Gino Fabbri.

Iginio Massari
Iginio Massari.

Panettoni as a master

On November 23 at 6 pm, instead, at the Coincasa in piazza 5 Giornate, in Milan, Iginio Massari, the most famous Italian pastry chef, will launch its collaboration with the department store preparing live a chantilly cream to zabaglione to serve with its famous artisan panettone that, from November 24, will be distributed in limited edition in 9 stores of the group (in addition to Milan , Genoa, Florence, Treviso, Rome and Naples, until December 24th).

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