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three new bistellati and 26 new stars – Italian Cuisine

three new bistellati and 26 new stars

Edition n. 66 of the guide, which moved more than expected. D'O in Cornaredo, Harry's Piccolo in Trieste and Santa Elisabetta at the Brunelleschi Hotel in Florence are the new bistellati. And in the group of single stars there are many young talents. 13 instead, the new Green Stars in sustainable venues

Kudos to the manager. It's not servility, but it's nice to find that Niko Romito – that has signed the newsstand issue of The Italian kitchen – was one of the protagonists of the Red Michelin n. 66. The most famous guide awarded him the special prize as mentor, for his (meritorious) activity in training which led to the creation of a group of students who have opened restaurants (already successful) or work alongside him. In a particular year – see streaming presentation – it must be acknowledged that the Michelin guide has moved more than expected. Ten clubs left the starred category (not only for a lower rating) and Jasmin in Chiusa dropped from two stars to one. In return, there are three new bistellati: the D'O in Cornaredo, Harry's Piccolo in Trieste and Santa Elisabetta at the Brunelleschi Hotel in Florence. The chefs are very good: respectively Davide Oldani, Matteo Metullio and Rocco De Santis (who made it in just two years). But surely, some illustrious colleague will have been disappointed: let's think of Carlo Cracco, Matteo Baronetto, Riccardo Camanini, Andrea Berton just to name a few.

Old champions and new talents

As many as 26 new single stars, objectively it was not predictable considering the complicated year, but it is clear that Michelin wanted to give a positive signal. How it affects that 14 of the newly starred chefs are under 35, four under 30. From this point of view, the drive for renewal and broader visions cannot be denied: in the list there are old catering foxes such as Alfio Ghezzi (Senso al Mart in Rovereto) or Peter Brunel (Peter Brunel in Arco) and talents already known as Antonio Ziantoni (Aunt of Rome), Riccardo Gaspari (San Brite in Cortina), Giacomo Sacchetti (La Cru di Romagnano, Verona), Pasquale Laera (Borgo Sant'Anna in Monforte di Alba, Cuneo). Note the second star at a Claudio Liu restaurant in Milan with the new one Aalto Part of Iyo (more than ethnic it is of international cuisine) and yet another to the network of Enrico Bartolini conquered by the Poggio Rosso in Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI), led by Juan Carlos Quintero. We are at nine!

The awakening of Liguria

The numbers of the Guide n. 66 say that Italy has ben 371 starred rooms: 323 singles, 37 with two and 11 with three, therefore all confirmed from last year. Lombardy remains the most starred region, with 3 novelties: 59 restaurants (3 with 3 stars 6 with 2 stars 51 with 1 star). Piedmont, with 2 novelties, is always in second position, with 46 restaurants (1 with 3 stars 4 with 2 stars 41 with 1 star), while Campania, with 3 novelties, is in third place on the podium, with 44 restaurants , (6 with 2 stars 38 with 1 star). To follow, the Tuscany is the region richest in news (6) for a total of 43 restaurants (1 with 3 stars 5 with 2 stars 36 with 1 star) and, finally, Veneto, at an altitude of 37, with two novelties (1 with 3 stars 4 with 2 stars 32 with 1 star ). Liguria also woke up and earned two single stars: the Nove in Alassio (SV) and Impronta d’Acqua in Cavi di Lavagna (GE). The other special awards went to Matteo Circella (Brinca di Ne, Genoa) as a sommelier, the aforementioned Antonio Ziantoni as a young chef, Christian Rainer (Peter Brunel) as room manager.

Milan loses positions

Among the provinces, Naples is always at the top with 28 restaurants (6 with 2 stars 22 with 1 star), Rome confirms the second position with 23 (1 with 3 stars 1 with 2 stars 21 with 1 star). Milan slips from third to fifth place with 17 restaurants (1 with 3 stars 4 with 2 stars 12 with 1 star), behind Bolzano with 20 (1 with 3 stars 3 with 2 stars 16 with 1 star) and Cuneo at altitude 19 (1 with 3 stars 2 with 2 stars 16 with 1 star). News in step with the times, the establishment of Green stars, to promote those restaurants that have committed themselves against waste and for green cuisine. 13 winners – from the Divine of blue swimming Federica Pellegrini, Michelin testimonial – with several "provincial" chefs not known by the general public, but also big names such as Davide Oldani (the big one of this edition without a doubt), Pietro Leemann, Norbert Niederkofler, Caterina Ceraudo and Massimo Bottura. Also the section of the Bib Gourmand with 11 novelties that bring to 252 the restaurants offering a pleasant gastronomic experience, with a complete menu for less than 35 euros. Which are the true soul of Michelin.

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