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World Water Day: do you know how much we consume?

The water we plan to consume vs reality (bitter) and the project that Finish will present on March 22 on the occasion of World Water Day

World Water Day (22 March) is a good opportunity to remind us that it is a precious asset that is respected and protected, but also to reflect on our consumption.

How much water do Italian families consume?

A research carried out by Finish in collaboration with Ipsos, highlighted the lack of awareness of Italians on the real water consumption of a family. We are convinced to consume an average of 100 liters per day, while the exact figure speaks of 220 liters per capita per day. Could it be for this reason that 8 out of 10 Italians think that water scarcity is not a current problem? (Do not think so the World Resources Institute: by 2040 lo water stress in Italy – that is, the relationship between the use of water and water supply – will fall within the "high" critical range, the fourth out of 5). Or that in 39% of Italian houses there is no dishwasher? Or that only 50% of respondents use the washing machine at full load? Among many doubts, the only certainty is that information is a necessary way to go through clear and easy to understand data such as these:

  • The use of the dishwasher allows, compared to hand washing, of reduce water consumption every time from 122L to just 12L
  • By rinsing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, each of us wastes up to 38 liters of water at a time

The "Water in our hands" project

To sensitize Italians to the problem of water scarcity in our country and provide them with the appropriate tools to perceive its seriousness, Finish will present on the occasion of the World Water Day the "Water in our hands" project. The project is nwithin a global vision of Reckitt Benckiser, world leader in the production of consumer goods in the sectors of home health, hygiene and cleaning, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in order to reduce its environmental impact and create a cleaner world.

Finish and water efficiency projects

The concrete commitment of the "Water in our hands" project will be visible in the return to the Italian territory thanks to the collaboration with Future Food Institute and FAI – Italian Environment Fund.
Finish will symbolically donate 38 liters of water for each product sold (the same amount that is wasted on average with the pre-wash) to the territory of Pollica, where the Mediterranean diet was born, and its products.
The Municipality of Pollica will thus make i irrigation systems, enhancing secondary water sources, helping them Cilento farmers. Chef Franco Aliberti, always sensitive to the issue of sustainability, is an ambassador for the project.
The collaboration with FAI, which has reduced 20% of water consumption within its assets in 10 years, will lead towater efficiency of the Abbey Complex of S. Maria di Cerrate in the province of Lecce. The intervention is aimed at recovering the cistern to recover its ancient function of conveying the water, typical of Salento farms.

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