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Pesto cold pasta, good every day – Italian Cuisine

The best solution to quickly prepare a fresh and tasty dish with pasta and pesto, two things that make our hearts beat

Pesto pasta par excellence is the delicious trofie served with green beans and potatoes, just like in Liguria. But now that it's summer and we want cold dishes, we can take inspiration from the traditional recipe and give us some unforgettable and refreshing basil bite. The secret to making it always perfect is to add the pesto to our cold pasta just before serving: the stay in the refrigerator of a pasta already seasoned with pesto would lead to the oxidation of the basil and a consequent blackening of the sauce. Keep this in mind and … free your imagination!

Traditional pesto

To prepare the pesto following the traditional recipe serve seven ingredients. To flavor 500 grams of pasta: 50 grams of Genoese Basil DOP, 45 grams of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO aged at least 24 months, 15 grams of Sardinian Pecorino aged ten months, five tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, two cloves of sweet garlic, two tablespoons of Pine nuts and a handful of coarse salt.

After the ingredients, you have to think about tools: a marble mortarit's a wooden pestle. For those without it, you can also use the blender but the result will not be the same. However, one of the fundamental rules is to proceed fairly quickly: over time the basil oxidizes and becomes bitter.

We start by pounding garlic with a few grains of salt, then the pine nuts are added. Continue to pound until the three ingredients are completely blended. At this point, add the basil leaves a little at a time, after having washed and gently dried them. crushing them with the pestle against the walls with a rotary movement to the left and turning the mortar in the other direction. Finally add the Parmesan and pecorino, mix and finally add the oil evenly.

Paccheri with pesto of capers
Paccheri with pesto of capers.

Cold is fine with …

Cold boiled potatoes cut into cubes, pitted black olives, seeded tomatoes, cherry mozzarella, provola cubes, speck cubes, peppers, courgettes and grilled aubergines.

Our pesto cold pasta

Energy breakfast for exam day – Italian Cuisine

"I know nothing". "I do not remember". "We hope that the professors are in a good mood …".
The thoughts of the boys on the day of the exams are all for the school. Fear, anxiety and understandable agitation mean that a smiling awakening is a real mirage. But how to provide the right amount of energy and a morning sprint at the start?

Breakfast is always a good idea, especially if more care than usual and rich in energy and color. Although it is important to bring to the table what children usually consume, such as their favorite tea or biscuits they cannot do without, so as not to confuse them in a moment of agitation, it is also fun to vary a little. Bacon, eggs, yogurt, fruit, cereals, cakes, waffles, smoothies and plum cakes are good ideas to propose an alternative and full of energy breakfast. The advice is to choose from the proposed recipes a couple of hearty dishes to serve in small portions and combine a fruit salad or a smoothie. Accompanying tea or coffee according to habits, perhaps to drink warm so as not to suffer the summer heat.

Here are some ideas to start the exam day: crown of bacon with eggs creamy, Coffee slush, smoothie to wild strawberries, Pancake with rosemary and lemon grass honey, exotic cup, shake of papaya, coconut and maracujá with currants, melon and blackberries with honey, Waffle of potatoes and cheese with ham, pie of frangipani and fruit, plum cake salty, pineapple smoothie and apple skewer e donuts with raspberry sauce.

Energy breakfast for exams
Energy breakfast for exams.

And to ensure that the body is well prepared to welcome the energy of breakfast, the additional idea may be to drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice and a little ginger as soon as you wake up. A concentrate of energy and well-being that can only bring good luck!

The recipes for breakfast on the day of the exams


Coffee slush


Strawberry smoothie


Exotic bowl


Papaya, coconut and maracujá smoothie with currant


Potato waffle and cheese with ham


Frangipani and fruit tart


Salted Plumcake


Pineapple smoothie and apple skewer

A coffee in pink for Mother's Day – Italian Cuisine

Here are the special products of the Limited Edition Pink Coffee by Caffè Mauro, for an even more sweet and delicate cup

The rose it is the color of gentle strength, of creativity, of the ability to give and receive love. And that's why Caffè Mauro he chose it to celebrate the greatest superhero of our day, which we all know and love to madness: ours mum. In fact, the special is tinged with pink Limited Edition that the Calabrian coffee company has decided to launch in view of Mother's Day Sunday 12 May, previewed during the fair TuttoFood from Milan. A special thought for the woman of our life that becomes a small gift to wish her a good day, be it for a cup to be enjoyed in bed in complete calm, or for an energizing sip between one engagement and another of the day.

The packaging of this Limited Edition Pink Coffee is thus declined on shades of pink, while coffee becomes more delicate, thanks to a longer roasting curve that makes it even sweeter. The new product – also sold on the e-commerce portal of Caffè Mauro – it is offered in two formats: the one packaged in capsules compatible with the Nespresso system and the one packaged in 3-cup moka capsules, designed for those who are still fond of the noise and the smell of mocha.

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