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benefits and how to do it every day – Italian Cuisine

benefits and how to do it every day

A study reveals that getting up early in the morning helps not to gain weight and stay healthy. Find out why and what routine to follow to become super early risers

Getting up early in the morning is often a challenge. Especially for those with a bad habit of going to sleep late. Yet getting up early in the morning is a great way not only to better manage the timing of the day, but also to stay fit and healthy for several reasons. Usually the first rule that follows an early riser is to go to bed at a decent time in the evening. This small habit is able to trigger a whole series of good practices that help to preserve line and health. Those who get up early in the morning compared to those who are night owls eat more regular meals. For example, he tends not to skip breakfast. It also manages to better distribute the portions at different times of the day and consequently to better manage sudden hunger attacks, eating less and preferring healthier foods. The confirmation also comes from the experts: "Having the habit of going to sleep late or eating at night has the big disadvantage of misaligning the metabolic balance dictated by the circadian rhythm", he explains Luca Piretta, gastroenterologist and nutritionist of the Biomedical Campus University of Rome. "Our body's biological clock synchronizes metabolic systems to make them efficient and functional during the day and to let us rest at night. If we reverse our activities, we create the so-called "chronodisruption", a phenomenon directly related to metabolic disorders, obesity and cardiovascular diseases ".

The benefits of waking up early

Getting up early in the morning and sleeping well at night is an excellent strategy for keeping away from excess pounds and health problems. The confirmation also comes from a recent study conducted by Nestlé Research in collaboration with some prestigious international universities including Northumbria University of Newcastle and the University of Surrey (United Kingdom). Research results published in the scientific journal Advances in Nutrition revealed that early risers have a lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes than those who have a habit of going to bed late as they tend to have nutritional patterns more healthy. People who go to bed later than early risers tend to follow a less healthy diet. For example, they consume more energy, sugary and caffeinated drinks. But there is more. Those who tend to go to bed late than those who have a habit of getting up early are more likely to follow irregular meals.

The routine to follow

To be able to sleep early in the evening and get up early in the morning, the first thing to do is always set the alarm at the same time. Helps synchronize sleep-wake rhythm. During the day it is useful to be more outdoors. Sunlight stimulates the production of hormones that regulate the circardian rhythm. Exercising can also be helpful as long as it is not done before bedtime. The risk? Having difficulty falling asleep due to the production of adrenaline, a hormone that keeps the nervous system active. And finally, no smartphone and device before going to bed. The light of electronic devices before sleep can delay falling asleep and make waking up more difficult.

The foods that help

To rest well at night and wake up early in the morning, you must also pay attention to what you eat, especially in the evening. In fact, some foods could disturb sleep and, consequently, hinder awakening in the morning. «Foods that supply tryptophan and melanin are excellent allies. These are hormones that promote sleep. They are present in whole grains, almonds, legumes and many other foods. Milk is also an excellent food friend of rest thanks to the conversion of casein into casomorphins by the intestinal microbiota ", explains nutritionist Luca Piretta. Instead, meat, aged cheeses and spinach should be avoided at dinner. "They are rich in tyramine, an essential amino acid precursor of adrenaline, a hormone that promotes wakefulness." Among the vegetables, then pay attention to the cabbage. "It contains sulfur compounds, which are also precursors of exciting molecules." In short, he concludes, Luca Piretta "we must moderate the consumption of all those drinks that contain nervine substances that have an exciting effect such as tea and coffee".

Discover in the gallery the other foods that will help you get up early

eat every day in the pastry shop, you can – Italian Cuisine

Eat every day in the pastry shop. It seems like a dream, but there is a place where it is possible: the historic Sartori pastry shop in Erba, where food becomes a way to get to know yourself better

There are several reasons why I would eat there every day Sartori pastry shop of Erba, in the province of Como, whose story begins in 1958 with Francesco Sartori and continues today thanks to his daughters Roberta is Anna. Some of these reasons are easy to spot as soon as you arrive at the pastry shop: come on spaces cozy and bright, which also include a terrace and a reading room with open kitchen, at the counter full of mignon, cakes, ice creams, Chocolates, Brioche is traditional leavened desserts. We could stop at the (delicious) first taste, but the goodness of all these products hides a deeper thought.

A sentence was enough to enlighten me on the philosophy of Anna Sartori, while he tells of some children who usually go to his patisserie every afternoon to eat ice cream.
"Ice cream is nourishment for me, is not a product that is eaten once in a while. It's in our culture to eat it so often and that's why I have one responsibility, an obligation towards those who come to me .

Anna graduated in Agricultural Sciences, studied naturopathy and Chinese medicine, not to replace it with traditional medicine, but to find a new Welfare thanks to a serene relationship with food. Thanks to his studies he developed the FEIS method. It is not the name of a diet, but the acronym of four elements that should interact harmoniously in everyone's life and that Anna experiences in her pastry shop. Physical, the element linked to the ingredients and metabolism processes that condition our well-being; Emotions, which investigates the emotional states that influence the physical, such as pleasure, fears or addictions; Intellect, art and manufacturing techniques; Spirit, or customization, to meet individual needs based on their experiences.

These four elements accompany us on a journey to discover that we are not what we eat, but we eat as we are.

Giuseppe Colombo, Anna and Roberta Sartori

Sartori pastry shop: the importance of the ingredients

How does all this work in practice? It starts from the ingredients, few and original, just as they occur in nature.

"I banned the fructose, because it is too good a sugar to be used as it is used. It comes from fruit, what allows a seed to grow. We extract it, break the natural balance and immediately assume it as adipose tissue. I eliminated it not because the fruit hurts, but because of the abuse we make of it. This is why I said yes to honey, which is instead available as it is in nature. The same goes for colors: blue ice cream is not made with dyes, but with the spirulina.

If a dessert is to be consumed every day, it must be digestible and have characteristics that allow it not to have a negative impact on the body and body. To prepare it, Anna does not use semi-finished products, but ingredients such asagar agar and the kudzu, thickening substances of vegetable origin which, in addition to offering structural characteristics to the preparations, are also rich in fiber and properties that favor the correct assimilation of nutrients. The ingredients are not used exclusively for their flavor or their technical aspect: agar agar and kudzu have a gastro-protective function, or again, for example, aromas can act on temperatures, such as mint that refreshes.

Venetian and cappuccino for breakfast

"The avant-garde is not the world of without, but the world of more. A new way of looking at things and discovering traditions and cultures different from ours.

This does not mean distorting the recipes of the traditional sweets or deprive yourself of the occasional classic birthday cake. The offer is therefore divided into three categories of desserts. It starts from traditional, where the usual recipes are supported by new technologies, as in the case of Venetian blind, prepared with advanced fermentation and leavening techniques, but with classic ingredients.
Desserts emotional, for which aromas and are used evocative flavors, like the home-scented panettone.
Desserts forefront, with unusual or alternative ingredients and combinations, such as i ice cream without milk made with a mixture made from rice or the unmissable mignon Blue flower, prepared with spirulina, essential oil of blue chamomile and a heart of calamansi, hybrid citrus between a citrus and a kumquat.

Mignon pastry shop

For lunch in the pastry shop

Being able to taste Sartori's desserts without guilt is not the only reason to eat every day in the pastry shop. The sweet proposal is also accompanied by the savory one designed for lunch, which it deals with Giuseppe Colombo, Anna's husband. Every day you can try a different menu to get one pause from an ingredient: gluten free, without eggs, without milk. The key is alternate is to vary, avoiding overloads, but also deprivations. Following this concept, in the pastry shop it will be possible to taste creative dishes, such as the amazing gnocchi of Pasticceria Sartori, made only and exclusively of potatoes. Look at them in the gallery above.

To find out more about Sartori Pastry and Anna Sartori's book "The Method Feis", click here.

Valentine's Day: Alessandro Borghese's dessert – Italian Cuisine

Valentine's Day: Alessandro Borghese's dessert

The Valentino is the limited edition dessert created by the chef to celebrate love!

«Cooking is the way to communicate, my instrument of creativity.
My cuisine, inventive and generous, satisfies with taste the palates of those who love sophisticated things, but don't want to give up on tradition.
Cooking is an act of love. "
(Alessandro Borghese)

If you are looking for something really special to celebrate Valentine's Day, the answer could be a dinner at the AB – Il Lusso della Semp Semplicity restaurant. Here the chef offers The Valentino from 14 to 16 February, the perfect dessert to say I love you.

The Valentine's Day cake by Alessandro Borghese

The Valentino is a Paris Brest filled with hazelnut praline cream and glazed with a white chocolate mousse, covered with rapè chocolate and chocolate leaf on mango and calamansi coulis. French soul, refined and contemporary taste. In practice it is impossible not to fall in love with it at the first bite.

The Valentine's Day menu by Alessandro Borghese

Among the dishes on the menu, the chef recommends Shrimp cocktail wafers, followed by a Risotto with scampi cream. Those who love meat instead will love the deer walking in the autumn forest, an intense and evocative dish with venison sirloin served with porcini pie, plum tatin, marjoram sponges, pomegranate sauce and yellow turnips.

Valentine's Day gift

But the party doesn't end there. At the end of the dinner, guests of the restaurant will receive a surprise cake to take home! Who does not want to spoil the surprise stop on this line….

… curious?
The sweet surprise of Alessandro Borghese are "Pop Love", caramelized pink popcorn!

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