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The menu for Father's Day – Italian Cuisine

All in the kitchen to prepare a gourmet dinner from dedicate to the father, on the day of his party. Refined dishes, but easy to make, because the beauty is also to involve the little cooks in the work, making them participants in Father's Day. Fish, rice and a desserts the chosen recipes, with the addition of vegetables, for a tasty and balanced menu.

As a starter, prepare a simple and very refined dish: scallops seared on a bed of mashed peas. For 4 people you will need: 12 scallops, a bunch of green asparagus, 500 g of shelled peas, tuna bottarga. First clean the peas and boil them in water with a little salt. Once cooked, reduce them to a puree with the mixer, to which you will add a teaspoon of liquid cream. Keep warm. Separately, boil the asparagus tips in salted water for a few minutes, drain, cut them in half lengthwise and sauté them in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a clove of garlic in shirt for three minutes. Clean the scallops and separate the walnut from the coral, which you do not need. Place the walnuts one by one in a small saucepan without seasonings, blanch them for one minute on one side only, then remove them and place them on top adding the pea cream, scalded scallops and sauteed asparagus tips. Season with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of tuna bottarga.

father's Day

Following a lemon-scented risotto: prepare a fried shallot, toast the rice and add the vegetable stock with the zest of an untreated lemon. Cook and when there will be a few minutes left, add the juice of half a filtered lemon. Stir in a knob of butter and serve with thyme leaves.

As second, a clam chowder served on wholegrain friselle and garnished with garlic turnip tops. Open the clams in a saucepan with a lid, after leaving them at least two hours in cold, salted water to drain, once they are open place them in a saucepan with a drizzle of oil and poached garlic, add the cooking water filtered and cook for a few minutes. Shell them and arrange them together with their sauce on the friselle, so that they soften. Meanwhile, sauté the blanched and drained turnip greens in a little oil and garlic. Let them season and when they are tender, place them on the friselle. Serve with a glass of tasty white wine, such as a Vermentino di Gallura or a pure Carricante.

Finally, a rose-flavored panna cotta. Let your children help you in choosing very fragrant (and untreated) rose petals, which you will combine with the warmed cream with sugar and isinglass. Leave them to infuse for about half an hour and then remove them. Place the cream in the single-serving molds, leave to cool in the refrigerator for six hours and serve with the remaining rose petals as decoration. Under the sweet saucers, hide a ticket with a tender little thought for the dad and enjoy the party!

10 DIY gifts for Father's Day – Italian Cuisine

On March 19, do you want to celebrate your father with a special gift? Try to prepare culinary delicacies with your own hands, to amaze and declare your love. Salt and pepper picks up here for you 10 DIY gifts for the Father's Day: these are tasty or tasty ideas, sweets, chocolates, savory appetizers, which lend themselves to being placed in containers to be donated on this particular occasion.

Cooking for loved ones is within the reach of any pocket and skill, for those who want to make flash desserts with expensive raw materials like for those who want a low cost gift, for good cooks as for novice chefs. And above all, it is a true gesture of affection: what is more precious than giving one's time and effort to cook for "the man of life"?

If you want to take your father by the throat, prepare the coffee pralines and Sambuca, super-delicious DIY chocolates that will definitely hit. Speaking of small chocolate delicacies, try cooking i filled chocolates: father will be surprised that they do not come from a pastry shop. Preparing them is easier than it seems; you only need a few ingredients, a multiple mold and a pastry bag.
THE cocoa truffles they are a simple and delicious dessert: you can show them after a meal, to accompany a cup of coffee gently.
THE kisses of Perugia they require a little more skill, but the end result will be truly amazing: you will have to show proofs that are really homemade and not bought in the store. If you want, match this anecdote about chocolate kisses: they used to be called cazzotti, due to the shape that reminds of a closed hand with the knuckles on the outside; then it was thought that the name had little charm, so it was transformed into the very famous kisses we know now.

If your father likes to give himself a drink every so often, try the recipe spicy orange liqueur: has the scent of cinnamon, it is very easy to prepare and lasts for over six months. He will appreciate it very much!
Other tasty and edible gifts, to be consumed immediately or preserved over time, are the Orange jam (the only necessary ingredients: oranges, sugar and lemon) and i artichokes in oil, an original gift idea that will certainly be appreciated.

To demonstrate all your sweet affection, prepare the Spicy biscuits in the shape of a heart or i flowers and hearts of pastry: a tender gift for the man you love the most.
Or tip on mini plum cake with walnuts: lawyers like a package and put them next to the table.

Scroll through the recipes, choose the gift that suits you best and … Happy Father's Day.

the best recipe for the Women's Day – Italian Cuisine

Sponge cake, custard and a touch of liquor: here is how to prepare the dessert par excellence of the Women's Day

Sponge cake and custard are the main ingredients to prepare an excellent Mimosa cake, the ideal dessert to dedicate to a mother, a daughter or a friend in occasion of the Women's Day.

Mimosa cake, an adventurous story

There International Women's Day It is a celebration born in the United States to commemorate a group of dead workers on March 8th 1908 in a factory during a protest due to the very bad conditions in which they were forced to work. Symbol of the Day has become over time Mimosa Acacia dealbata, characterized by an intense aroma and yellow flowers gathered in spherical flower heads. The color and shape of this flower were the inspiration for the Mimosa cake, that is born in reality without any connection with the Women's Day. To invent the dessert seems to have been an Italian pastry chef, Adelmo Renzi, from a village in the province of Rieti, in the fifties. The official debut of the Mimosa cake would instead have happened to Sanremo, in 1962, during a confectionery competition won by the creation of Adelmo Renzi. The name was actually chosen for pay homage to the city of flowers: Adelmo Renzi decided to cover the entire surface of the cake with pieces of sponge cake that could remember the small yellow flowers. The authentic recipe of the Mimosa cake was never revealed, but from that moment was associated with great luck at the Women's Day.

How to prepare the Mimosa cake, the recipe

To cook the Mimosa cake it is necessary first of all to prepare the sponge cake, to be used both as a base and as decoration of the dessert: the cover will have to remember the flowers of the mimosa. For the filling, the variations are really many, but the classic provides the custard: you will then have to prepare the bathe in liquor and the whipped cream. The doses are calculated for about 6 people.

How to prepare the Mimosa cake: the sponge cake

Start by preparing the sponge cake: put in a bowl the yolks of six eggs and 250 grams of sugar, to be mixed vigorously. Then add 300 grams of sieved flour and a bag of vanillin; gently whisk the egg whites and whisk them: you can also add the grated peel of a lemon. Grease and flour a pan with rather high edges, with a diameter of about 24 centimeters, then bake a 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. Once cooked, take it out of the oven, unmold it and let it cool.

How to prepare the Mimosa cake: custard

Take advantage of the time when it cooks sponge cake to prepare her filling. In a saucepan mix four egg yolks with five tablespoons of sugar, then add 40 grams of flour, the peel of a grated lemon and a tip of vanilla. Put 400 ml of milk on the stove and when it will be almost boiling pour it in small quantities on your mixture, continuing to mix with the whisk. At this point, put the saucepan on the stove, turning with a wooden spoon. Gradually, the cream will thicken: remove it from the heat and let it cool, continuing to mix from time to time to prevent a film from forming on the surface. While you wait for it to cool (to speed up the process you can also put it in the fridge), whisk 250 g of fresh cream and then mix it with the custard.

How to prepare the Mimosa cake: the touch of liquor

To obtain the liquor wetted, melt two tablespoons of sugar in a saucepan together with 200 ml of water and two tablespoons of liquor: the free choice, but the cointreau with orange or limoncello is strongly recommended.

Assemble the Mimosa cake

You just have to assemble the cake: take the sponge cake and cut the top horizontally, as if it were a lid. Then empty the base very carefully and keep aside the crumb: you will need it to cover the cake. Then moisten the sponge cake by brushing the liquor, then fill the base with the custard, without finishing it completely. Close the cake with the cap of sponge cake, also wet with liquor; cover all the cake with the custard left over and then decorate it with the breadcrumbs of sponge cake, which will be distributed evenly on the surface, forming a soft dome. Leave the Mimosa cake in the fridge for at least an hour before serving, either for Women's Day or any other occasion.