What a package this Christmas! Here are the Christmas baskets of Eataly – Italian Cuisine

What a package this Christmas! Here are the Christmas baskets of Eataly

To avoid unpleasant surprises and gifts, Christmas baskets are back. With witty wishes and prices for all budgets, Eataly makes it easy to make a personalized gift (which will be really appreciated)

If the idea of ​​a Christmas basket it seems a trivial gift, it is up to you to recede. Because there are packages and parcels. There are those assembled with little care, with discounted products, packaged in an uninviting way. And then there are the packages of Eataly: fun, beautiful to see, full of good things.

Directly under the tree

I'm more than 20 and each of them contains everything in its own way the best of Italian food and wine tradition. Each basket has a witty name so as to personalize your gift according to your recipient, with the aim of giving a smile thanks to phrases that ironically over small lies and typical sayings of parties.
Eataly's gift boxes are available in various prices for all budgets … and for all tastes!

Better a good salami than a diamond!

Some examples? For the superstitious, the parcel "Lentils bring luck" it costs only 9.90 euros and includes everything you need to prepare the traditional cotechino party; "I prefer to make useful gifts" it contains the bottle of Barbera Briccotondo Fontanafredda, the sweet truffles of Antica Torroneria, the striped penne Afeltra – pasta of Gragnano PGI, the Vergnano coffee 200% arabica, the Cotechino Modena IGP of Ferrari, the Bella di Cerignola olives, and give a gift pleasure with € 29.90. For gourmands who do not mind the scale, choose the ironic "It's all dietary", a basket full of sweets like the Cremonese torrone di Rivoltini, the Caffarel gianduiotti and the 67% dark chocolate bar and Golosi di Salute orange. Do you want to be "beautiful", but remaining humble? There is "Imagine, it's just a little thought", a package from 399.90 euro with a selection of real food and wine, from a reserve of Barolo with saffron in pistils to Parmigiano Reggiano. Then there are baskets for those who buy only organic or only 0 km, a package made only of pasta, one for those who prefer salty and one for women who have always claimed that it is "Better a good salami than a diamond". Without forgetting the gift that also allows you to do a good deed: with the support package "At Christmas we are all better" we contribute to help Casa Oz in Turin, which welcomes sick children and their families. The price is € 40.90 and includes the Panettone Tuttuvetta by Tommaso Muzzi, the Moscato d'Asti Moncucco of Fontanafredda, the sweet tartufini of the Antica Torroneria, the hazelnut cream of Golosi di Salute, the gianduia tablet of Caffarel, the Offelle di Parona of the Brothers Collivasone and the Scyavuru orange marmalade.

A gift to the environment

And so Christmas will no longer be a "package", not even for the environment. Eataly's gift boxes are new and respectful of nature because made in recycled paper. They also own the FSC certification which ensures the correct contribution to responsible forest management with transparency.

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