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Vertical garden, just a balcony corner

For some years i tthe Italians' mistakes were dyed green, turning into small urban gardens: mcitizens' unions 'they played small farmers at home and the technique selected is alwaysis more vertical. We have spoken in the past of the wardrobe-garden, let us now deal more specifically with the vertical garden. There is space, and it is above our heads.

THEthe concept is ingenious in its simplicity: extending up instead of in there, to maximize yield in urban spaces. Like the skyscrapers, with the difference not just that green is produced here that breathes, vegetables and colorful fruits they nourish. All in full swing km zero and sustainability.

Vertical agriculture exists for over a century. First as an idea – see the utopian skyscraper imagined in 1909 and appearor then in the book Delirious New York. Ninety years later, in 1999, thecurrent concept of vertical agriculture takes shape thanks to the ecologist Dickson Despommier, of Columbia University, which theorizes this approach for feed the world overpopulated and over-urbanized of our 21st century, consuming less energy and wasting less resources.

Not only private: more and more are the companies dedicated to vertical agriculture, in particular thanks to thehydroponic (cultivation in water enriched with nutrients) and the aeroponica (without land, immersed in a kind of enriched steam). A'industry definitely growing, which uses the interior also to remedy the damage of climate change from ourselves largely wild. But let's take a look at some of the vertical gardens of our house.

The most banal but not stupid technique is that of the shelves, one over the other, climb to walls and walls like micro-terraces steep of a home landscape. They also exist vessels think ofppositamente to create various layers and ad hoc solutions in various materials, such as multi-hanging pockets in waterproofed material. For the do-it-yourself, get used to it inside and / or outside, in materials waterproof and resistant: from the old rubber boots to umbrellas to cookie boxes as containers. As for the rigid structure, hydraulic hoses, shelves, hooks, planters. IS remember that i pallet they can be found for free, even at construction / gardening stores.

The vertical garden pcan be realized inside and / or outside. In any case, it is important choose the place with care, taking into consideration space factor and the brightness & warm / cold factor. You have no choice, is that the only possible place? Try it! Then choose the plants that you can adapt best. How much space do you need? That's enough one square meter! I recommend, keep an eye onaesthetics: the balcony rather than that corner of the house has the potential to become tasteful micro-oasis in all senses!!!

For what concern what to cultivate, there is only the embarrassment of the choice. And nit's not just atosummer activity: even the winter season can be fruitful. Obviously don't miss out the piantinis aromatich, from pepeRoncino up to the scenographical caper. Among vegetables, experimented without any doubt salads and then also i tomatoes (which are resistant to temperature changes), radishes, the cabbages rather than zucchini. And how fruit? Meanwhile, try the strawberries, they are not so difficult!

Naturally – ça va sens dire – everything from land to seeds to products that you will eventually use, strictly biological: having home production what you need if you do it later do we poison ourselves?!? Have a little one green and fruitful corner in our home it is more than the satisfaction of the tomato born at home: it gives us a precious contact with the earth and its nourishment, which is not only that of the body (but also!).

You know that Martian crews do they have vertical gardens on their own aircraft? Yeah, it's called Hortextreme and it's a prototype made by ENEA, theItalian Space Agency and University of Milan, in the context of the simulation of a mission to Mars: 4 square meters of space garden to grow microverdure is feed at the top i members of the eventual Martian crew. Nice is not it?

Carola Traverso Saibante
December 2019


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