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the secrets to whipping dry pasta

Mantecare is a cooking technique that can also be used for pasta! Find out how with the tricks of the school chefs

You are an insatiable lover of pasta? Here are three little secrets from the chefs The Italian Cuisine School to make the perfect creaming. Whipping means mix a sauce or a seasoning in order to obtain a creamy and full-bodied consistency. It is a fast process that is performed at the end of cooking and allows you to bind all the ingredients together evenly.

One. Water and salt

First of all, remember to always cook dry pasta in plentiful salt and boiling water, following the rule of "10, 100 and 1000". Do you know her? It's about using 10 grams of salt, 100 of pasta and 1 liter of water. If the seasoning is already tasty, such as mussels and clams, do not forget to add less salt.

Two. Pasta cooking time

For a perfect creaming, it is important to drain the pasta 3-4 minutes before the timing indicated on the package; then you must continue cooking with the seasoning provided, gradually adding its cooking water, which is the main trick for stirring. In fact, the starch released in the cooking water acts as a sort of "natural glue", giving the sauce that irresistible creamy consistency.

Three. seasoning

Once you have reached the right cooking, remove the pasta from the heat and add a fatty part: with theoil your dish will have a more intense taste, while with the butter sweeter. Depending on the recipe provided, you can enrich your dish with grated cheese. Finally, sauté in a pan to create an emulsion and plate!

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Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

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