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all the secrets of the squid pasta with squid – Italian Cuisine

One of the calamarata is called fish based first courses most loved and famous in our country and in the world. The recipe is so easy that it should be impossible to make mistakes, yet someone occasionally runs away.

This first one takes its name from the two ingredients that compose it: squids and pasta that because of its particular shape that reminds of squid rings is called "calamarata".
It's about a Neapolitan recipe now exported throughout Italy and abroad, perfect in the summer, but also for the rest of the year.


The calamarata recipe

First you need to clean the squid removing the head and the tentacles and removing the whole cartilage and the innards.
Then remove the outer skin with your hands and wash everything well. If you are unable to clean the squid or have no time, let your fishmonger do it for you.
Cut the squid into rings as big as the dough and chop the head and the tentacles with a knife.
Meanwhile, in a pan fry a clove of chopped garlic (or whole), also add the fresh chilli and then the calamari and cook for a few minutes blending with the White wine. Then add gods cherry tomatoes cut into wedges and tomato paste and continue cooking for another 10 minutes on a low heat.
Season with salt and pepper and finally add the fresh parsley and the al dente drained pasta and skip it for a minute.


There are many variations of the classic calamarata. You can for example complete the cooking of the calamarata in the oven how to do it especially in restaurants. After having skipped the pasta in the sauce, put it in many single-portion bags and cook it in at 180 ° for 10 minutes.
In many recipes you will also find seafood in addition to the squid and in the Sicilian version also the fried aubergines.

The mistakes not to commit

Whatever the calamarata recipe you prefer, remember not to commit errors you find above!

Temakinho's infallible recipe for ceviche (and the chef's secrets) – Italian Cuisine

The coolest ceviche to prepare at home. Here is his secret

One of the most popular dishes, unveiled in one of the most fashionable places in Milan. We met Fabiano Molina Gonçalves, the Culinary Director of TEMAKINHO in Milan, to discover the recipe and curiosities about ceviche, dish of origin Peruvian based on marinated raw fish.

A prescription infallible, easily replicable at home: you can do it with the fish you prefer and, above all, without turning on the stove. The cooking of the fish takes place in fact through the technique of marinating, which allows you to cook foods with lemon juice (or other citrus) and aromatic spices.

Temakinho Magenta
Temakinho Magenta (Via Boccaccio 4)

So let's see how to prepare Temakinho ceviche mixto and what are the rules essential for the chef.

The Temakihno mixed fish ceviche recipe


2 Red crayfish (washed, shelled and without heads)
120 g Raw salmon
80 g Raw red shadow
40 g Cooked octopus
40 g Green and red sweet chilli pepper
Red onion
2 tablespoons of fresh ginger juice

Ceviche sauce for marinating

40 ml Lime juice (or lemon)
Extra virgin olive oil
Fine salt
black pepper


Mango slices with peel cut into a fan shape for garnish


Dice the fish. Cut the chilli and onion into very thin slices. In a bowl, place the salmon, the umbrina, the octopus along with all the vegetables and half the Ceviche sauce. Stir and leave to marinate for a few minutes and then pour into two bowls, placing a shrimp per serving. Pour the other half of the ceviche sauce and garnish with the fan-cut mango.

Fabiano Molina Gonçalves
Fabiano Molina Gonçalves

The chef's advice

Fabiano welcomed us welcomed with great availability, telling us about his secrets to prepare an excellent ceviche.

1. Fish

Of course always used fish already torn down. Prefer the white fish, which contains less fat, and cut it to cubes not too small, so as to savor it with satisfaction.

2. Marinating

Temakinho marinating is one Vinaigrette, which is usually used in Italy to dress salads. With this sauce the ceviche will taste more Mediterranean. If you don't like coriander, try replacing it with the mint. Don't forget the chilli!

3. Crunchiness

In ceviche it is essential to have too a crunchy element. Traditionally this dish is served with mais cancha, or corn toasted. Strictly served separately and not directly in the ceviche, otherwise it would risk absorbing too much sauce and losing all the crunchiness.

In South America it is also used plane tree, or the green banana, with a less sweet taste than the yellow one. The plane tree must be cut into very thin slices, fried in hot oil for 3 minutes and served with a pinch of salt.

Fried plantain
Fried plantain

All the secrets of the perfect club sandwich: recipe and variations – Italian Cuisine

All the secrets of the perfect club sandwich: recipe and variations

More layers are better than one! Here's how to prepare the most famous sandwich in the world

The Club Sandwich it is a rich and rich sandwich born in the United States at the end of the 800. A circle reserved for men only appeared on the game table of the Saratoga Club house in New York, and soon became so famous that it went around the world.
And if in England there was already a simple sandwich, this one multilayer version dispossessed the original recipe, conquering even the most demanding palates.

Where to eat the best club sandwich in the world?

According to experts the best club sandwich would be the one proposed at Paris from the hotel Le Meurice on Rue de Rivoli.
Also in Italy there are excellent ones, particularly in Rome, the city of sandwiches par excellence.

How to prepare the club sandwich

It is a very simple recipe: at the bottom it is a sandwich, with many layers, but to compose a little to taste of one's own tastes.
The classic recipe includes several layers of sandwich bread stuffed with sliced ​​chicken or turkey, tomato, lettuce, bacon and various sauces.

The bread

Use the White bread, preferably without crust. Take three square slices, toast them and butter them lightly.
On two spread the mayonnaise only on one side and on one spread another sauce on both sides. This is the slice that will go in the middle.
Once the sandwich is prepared, divide it in half in two triangles.

The sauces

The sauces not only make the sandwich tastier, but make the ingredients stick to the slice of bread.
The club sandwich in fact, although being so abundantly stuffed, must remain rather compact because it is already cut in half. All layers must be clearly visible and the filling equally distributed.


We talked about slices of chicken or turkey and we mean or the slice to be cooked on the plate or even simply thesliced, more practical for filling a sandwich.
Abundant with the quantities, because the chicken layer must be quite important.

The bacon

Bacon is a key ingredient in the club sandwich because it adds flavor and crunchiness.
While the chicken needs to be cooled before being inserted into the sandwich, the bacon must be hot and crunchy.

Tomato and lettuce

Lettuce always goes under the slice of tomato to prevent the bread from getting wet and softening.
In the first layer then we will have mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, chicken and crispy bacon, then the slice of bread spread on both sides with the sauce and one more layer like the previous one.

Now browse the gallery to discover some original variations of the basic recipe

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