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The secrets of beef cut – Italian Cuisine

It is not necessary to go to the restaurant to eat a good cut of soft and tasty beef! Here's how to prepare the cut at home

There cut it is a very tasty second course that is obtained with a quick cooking of a very precise meat cut known as entrecote, that is, the rib of beef, with or without bone, or even with the Florentine. In conclusion: cut of beef!
The perfect cut has a medium cooking, the important that has a crust on the outside and a pink heart.
The meat is served precisely cut in slices of a few millimeters of thickness, simply nappate with the cooking base and with different side dishes, from rocket and parmesan to baked potatoes.

Here are our tips to prepare a really succulent cut at home!

All the secrets of unicorn wine – Italian Cuisine

The alternative proposal of the Spanish company Gik Live! and the unmistakable success of the rosy wine Unicorn's Tears

Image @Gik Live!

Even the unicorns cry. And from their enchanted eyes do not come out drops of rainbow, but a rosé wine imagined by the Spanish Gik Live! A company that has proven to understand how important it is to be proof of Instagram and who created the wine Unicorn tears to pamper the imagination of the sweetest social addicts. Produced with true unicorn tears extracted with natural methods in a mysterious location, it has 12 degrees, an unknown formula and an affordable price. Sold on, has a cost of 39 euros for 3 bottles, which become 70 for the box of 6.

Image @Gik Live!

A glass of this rosé invites you to be drunk lightly, moving away from the images and gestures that until now we have associated with wine. Perfect to make a party unique, to color an aperitif and to amaze guests, you drink even with a straw, almost like a juice.

Instagram @giklive

But this is not the first time Gik Live! it's all about color. Its most famous product is in fact a blue drink that has been baffled by calling wine after a lawsuit filed by other Spanish producers.

Image @Gik Live!

While Gik Live! juggles between criticism and appreciation, it remains to report the return of the Unicorn Tears raspberry gin. Here the texture is enriched by fantastic glitter, cried by the poor unicorn who ate too many raspberry candies.

@Firebox image

The gnocchi with radicchio, without secrets – Italian Cuisine

How to celebrate the approach of winter with the Radicchi PGI Insal'Arte and the gnocchi with the simple potatoes to prepare at home

Walking through the gardens in November is exciting. The earth is humid in the rains, cold and blown by the wind, yet it is able to give the spectacle of a splendid (and very good) flower. Stretched, with curled tips, turgid and crispy like the Radicchio Rosso di Treviso PGI.

Or round, open like a rose and shades of green and red that mix, variegated in a beautiful winter dance. These are the characteristics of the Variegated radicchio of Castelfranco PGI, a treasure of the Venetian lands so beautiful that it can also be used as a centerpiece.

To collect these delights for us, OrtoRomi that with Insal'Arte brings on our tables the selected and washed PGI Radicchi, ready for consumption. The company that for years has joined the Consortium for the Protection of the Variegated Radicchio of Castelfranco and of the Red Radicchio di Treviso PGI is a true connoisseur of these regional excellences and works every day to make them easily available and easy to prepare.
In tasty salads, rich side dishes, savory pies, delicious appetizers and unforgettable first courses. Such as our potato gnocchi with Radicchio Rosso di Treviso PGI a triumph of taste and freshness.


To prepare the gnocchi with radicchio for 4 people, we have to start from the basic ingredient weighing 300 g of Radicchio Rosso di Treviso PGI Insal'Arte. For the potato gnocchi instead it will take 1 kg of potatoes, 280 g of flour plus a little, 150 g of Morlacco cheese, 2 yolks egg, butter is salt.

Now, boil the potatoes for 45 '; in the meantime, clean the radicchio and cut it into small pieces. Put it in a saucepan with a small knob of butter, for 10 ' frullatelo and let it dry a little more on the fire, in order to eliminate residual moisture, obtaining a rather thick puree.

Drain the potatoes, peel them and mash them. Weigh approximately 140 g of radicchio puree and add it to the potatoes, together with the egg yolks, the flour and a pinch of salt. Work the ingredients until the dough is detached from the hands; measure the flour according to the moisture of the dough.

Divide the mixture into loaves, then cut into small pieces, obtaining the gnocchi: rigateli on a fork and place them on a floured tray. Melt the cheese in a small saucepan with a knob of butter, until a smooth sauce is obtained. Cook them in boiling salted water, drain and serve with the cheese sauce. completing as desired with raw radicchio.

The radicchio we have chosen

To inspire our recipe, the Grilled with Radicchio di Treviso PGI Insal'Arte which comes from crops in specific geographical areas in the Veneto provinces of Treviso, Padua and Venice. Washed and cut into quarters, it is packaged in 250 g trays, perfect to be cooked on the grill, in a pan, baked or eaten raw. In the recipe above, they were instead passed in a saucepan with butter and smoothies to form the cream that has enriched the basic dough of the gnocchi. To achieve this result, the PGI product requires weeks of manual processing, resurgent spring water and the winter frost that characterize the Po Valley.

The range

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But the tasting does not end there. Those who love sweet and delicate flavors will appreciate the Variegated radicchio of Castelfranco which is the first to be collected already between the months of October and November. We find it washed, cut and packaged in both 200g and both bags mixed with Radicchio Rosso di Treviso PGI. And speaking of a mix of radicchio, we find it in the rich version for lunch in the Cuor di Gusto pack in combination with shelled walnuts and cheese shavings.