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Recipes with dry biscuits: our best desserts – Italian Cuisine

Tips and ideas for using biscuits in pastry: here are our best recipes with dry biscuits (not just cheesecakes), ideal for recycling the bottom of the box

Drenching the biscuits in milk is beautiful, but it is not the only way to enjoy them! The recipes with dry biscuits they are among the best for making desserts easy is fast, having a ready-made base that does not require cooking.
The dry biscuits can be used to prepare many delicious desserts, starting from the classic ones cheesecake down to more creative desserts, especially those monoportion.
In addition, some of these desserts are an excellent way to recycle leftover cookies and take out the latter broken cookies on the bottom of the package.

In gallery at the top you will find 15 recipes with dry biscuits to try, while below our tips for using biscuits in your desserts.

Desserts with dry biscuits: chocolate salami

Among the recipes with dry biscuits there is one that is really impossible to resist, a real bomb based on cookies coarsely crumbled, butter, sugar, eggs is cocoa. We are talking about the chocolate salami. Read the full recipe here.

With the same method you can also create small ones pralines with dry biscuits to be enriched with spices that you prefer, like cinnamon, and with dried fruit chopped: green light to pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts.

Crumble with dry biscuits

The crumble is a preparation that provides a sort of crumbled shortcrust pastry as a cover for spoon desserts. Usually, the crumble is prepared on purpose, roughly crumbling flour, sugar and butter with your hands. This happens, for example, in the case of the classic English apple crumble: a base of apples cooked in butter and flavored with cinnamon, finally covered with crumble and baked in the oven. But you can try all the fruit you like most!

Recipes with dry biscuits: single portion crumble
Recipes with dry biscuits: single portion crumble

For the same purpose, dry biscuits can also be used, to be crumbled together with butter and – why not – with chopped hazelnuts or pistachios. With this technique it will be easy to create desserts monoportion to be served creatively in cups, jars and shot glasses: the crumble can serve as a base or as a topping for a mousse.

Cakes with dry biscuits

With dry biscuits you can also make real cakes without having to prepare sponge cake or use puff pastry. The cakes with dry biscuits do not need to be cooked and are fun to make together: just like a tiramisu, the biscuits go soaked in milk, in coffee, with or without marsala or rum, and alternating with layers with the custard, the mascarpone cheese, the chantilly and so on.

Recipes with dry biscuits: cheesecake

A great idea for preparing desserts with dry biscuits is, of course, cheesecake. This cake has a base made with i crumbled biscuits or smoothies with butter, then stuffed with a cream cheese and garnished with fresh fruit or chocolate.
Dry biscuits are the best to get one crunchy base for cheesecake: yes to biscuits digestive, integrals, to the chocolate or ai cereals, no soft biscuits like ladyfingers.

Find your favorite dry biscuit recipe in the gallery above!

the secrets to whipping dry pasta – Italian Cuisine

the secrets to whipping dry pasta

Mantecare is a cooking technique that can also be used for pasta! Find out how with the tricks of the school chefs

You are an insatiable lover of pasta? Here are three little secrets from the chefs The Italian Cuisine School to make the perfect creaming. Whipping means mix a sauce or a seasoning in order to obtain a creamy and full-bodied consistency. It is a fast process that is performed at the end of cooking and allows you to bind all the ingredients together evenly.

One. Water and salt

First of all, remember to always cook dry pasta in plentiful salt and boiling water, following the rule of "10, 100 and 1000". Do you know her? It's about using 10 grams of salt, 100 of pasta and 1 liter of water. If the seasoning is already tasty, such as mussels and clams, do not forget to add less salt.

Two. Pasta cooking time

For a perfect creaming, it is important to drain the pasta 3-4 minutes before the timing indicated on the package; then you must continue cooking with the seasoning provided, gradually adding its cooking water, which is the main trick for stirring. In fact, the starch released in the cooking water acts as a sort of "natural glue", giving the sauce that irresistible creamy consistency.

Three. seasoning

Once you have reached the right cooking, remove the pasta from the heat and add a fatty part: with theoil your dish will have a more intense taste, while with the butter sweeter. Depending on the recipe provided, you can enrich your dish with grated cheese. Finally, sauté in a pan to create an emulsion and plate!

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Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

Marinated fish: dry or with a liquid? – Italian Cuisine

Marinated fish: dry or with a liquid?

How to prepare marinated fish with two different techniques: dry marinating and liquid marinating. Here are the recommendations of La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana

There marinating is a technique that allows one to cook is to preserve foods, at the same time enriching them with aromas and flavors. Marinating fish is an excellent idea to be exploited in summer so as not to light the stove and to enjoy the raw fish, but it is always very important bring it down previously to prevent any risk and eliminate any parasites.

There are two different methods: the dry marinating and the marinating with a liquid acid. The first fundamental step in both cases remains that of clean the fish well, depriving it of scales, skin and bones and finally filleting it (or buy it already filleted). At this point you can proceed with marinating: let's see when and how to marinate dry or with a liquid.

Marinate the fish with a liquid

The marinating with a liquid is performed with an acid base, such as vinegar, wine or lemon juice, lime or grapefruit which allow the ingredient to cook. This technique can be used with the tuna, the salmon, the branzino or the swordfish, but also with shellfish is blue fish. For every kg of fish, about 6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, a citrus fruit, aromatic herbs and spices should be used.

The marinating times vary depending on the preparation: they may suffice 30 minutes for shellfish or thin fish slices, ideal for a carpaccio; 1-2 hours for the diced fish of the tartare; about 5 hours for the anchovies or for a whole slice; until to 10-12 hours necessary for a larger fish.
Marinated fish can be tasted raw, but you can also cook: grilled, continuing to brush it with the marinating liquid even during cooking, or baked, ensuring the fish to remain tender and juicy and not to dry.

Marinate the fish dry

For dry marinating are necessary salt, sugar is aromas. Marinating the dry fish ensures an important advantage: marinating with salt deprives the fish of part of the water, increasing its shelf life. storage. Before the refrigerator was released, the fish was stored in this way.

Usually this technique is used for larger sized fish slices, such as tuna or salmon. It is necessary to mix salt and sugar (usually the proportion is 60-70% of salt and the rest of sugar): this will exploit the salt's ability to cook food and balance the flavor with sugar. Then add the aromas to taste, including fennel, bay leaves, basil, mint, thyme, sage or rosemary and pepper. In a container a layer is created with this mating, the fish is placed there and completely covered with the rest of the compound. The fish must then rest in the refrigerator: a couple of hours may suffice for one small fillet, while you can get there up to 10-12 hours for a bigger slice.

Once the marinade is over, salt and excess sugar are eliminated. Also in this case you can consume a raw, cut into thin slices or tartare and seasoned with oil and lemon, or grilled quickly, getting more consistency Crisp.

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