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170334Pumpkins of all shapes, magic, good and beautiful pumpkins. And even pumpkins to do beauty masks and give back to the skin the lost elasticity, the right hydration and the necessary nutrients. In short, forget the old and obsolete cucumbers on your face. Now the queen of the skin is the pumpkin pulp, skilfully mixed with yogurt or olive oil, enriched with Manuka honey or cane sugar. That the pumpkin does well, inside and out, and that it is simply sublime to taste is therefore a truth out of the question. Rich in vitamin A and C and enzymes, it also seems to have powers in restoring the circadian rhythm and acting as anti stress. And besides being able to use it from breakfast to dinner, you can also spread it on your face, body or hair.

170337A classicone of masks

If we want a good mask, of those to hold all night (maybe if you are single or if the husband / boyfriend is out) to get absorbed well by the skin, you must first blend the pulp of our pumpkin. At that point a white yogurt, a little olive oil, a handful of ground almonds and a teaspoon of Manuka honey (a sort of New Zealand elixir) is added to the mixture. The consistency obtained should be creamy enough to spread it on the skin before going to bed. And when you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror, after having removed it for good.

170340Go with the scrub

Another use is the scrub, or exfoliating gel. If the goal is to remove the dead skin cells and restore the shine to the skin, the expert advice is to blend the pulp of the pumpkin and, once obtained a creamy mixture, add brown sugar and cinnamon. Massage the skin by smearing the scrub and then rinse with warm water.

170343Variations on the theme

For those who want a refreshing mask for irritated skin, it is suggested to boil the pumpkin pulp mixing it with clay and infusion of mint or lavender. While a cremino made from pumpkin seeds crushed with olive oil is ideal for soothing freckles (assuming it is advisable). If you want to use it as a moisturizer for the body it is recommended to mix it with coconut milk (a half glass) and a teaspoon of cinnamon, leaving it to act for about fifteen minutes before rinsing.

Last but not least

Finally, if the problem is oily skin, all that is left is to blend the pulp, add a jar of white yogurt and lemon juice and apply the mixture on the face. With a tablespoon of honey, one of argan oil and the usual pumpkin pulp you can finally get a hair pack off.

Emanuela Di Pasqua,
February 2019


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