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The most versatile ingredient in the kitchen? Ricotta! – Italian Cuisine

The most versatile ingredient in the kitchen? Ricotta!

If then it is produced with South Tyrolean milk, the result is assured: let's talk about the 250 gram Brimi ricotta … simply mouth-watering! But let's start from the beginning, from the delicious South Tyrolean milk.

South Tyrolean milk

The cows that produce fresh milk daily in the wonderful farms of South Tyrol are bred in small groups. Every day Brimi withdraws the milk from its farmers and transforms it into different products, such as mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, butter and fresh cream. The company, leader in the production of mozzarella in Alto Adige, uses cutting-edge technologies and cares about respect for the environment and its mountains.

The goodness of ricotta Brimi

Light, tasty, versatile and perfect for a thousand different preparations. Brimi ricotta is consumed naturally, creamy and soft on the palate, able to give a particular aroma to each dish. Brimi proposes it in the classic version, in the 250 gram pack, produced exclusively with mountain milk from the 1100 farmers who collect the milk from their cows 100% Alto Adige every day, without GMOs. And this is precisely why the Brimi ricotta is so special.

Ricotta: an essential ingredient in the kitchen!

Ricotta, with its infinite versatility, is the protagonist of many recipes of the Italian regional tradition, both sweet and savory. Just think of the famous one pasqualina cake, which has a filling of spinach and soft ricotta, as well as ravioli di magro, or sweets from the south, such as Sicilian cannoli or the Neapolitan pastiera, which have a very sweet ricotta heart. A creative idea to taste this delicious cheese? The flavored ricotta placed on a small chocolate wafer decorated with berries. Delicious! Discover our ricotta immediately.

We prepare the chocolate wafers with creamy ricotta and berries

A simple but original and tasty recipe, based on creamy ricotta, dark chocolate and berries.

Here is the recipe: melt in a bain-marie 200 g of dark chocolate, when the chocolate begins to melt, remove the fire bowl and stir until completely dissolved. With the aid of a spoon, pour the melted chocolate into piles that will then form discs on a tray covered with baking paper. Place the tray in the refrigerator to firm. Meanwhile mix 250 g of Brimi ricotta with 2 tablespoons of honey and 100 ml of whipped cream. Once the chocolate waffles have solidified, use the mixture to create a sort of spumone over the waffles and decorated with berries and chocolate chips.

from poor seasoning to gourmet ingredient – Italian Cuisine

from poor seasoning to gourmet ingredient

With the ink of this mollusk you can season the linguine, but not only: use it to cook the cuttlefish themselves or to color the dough of bread and pizza

There Pasta Al Nero Di Seppia born as a poor dish of fishermen: today, instead, it is a gourmet recipe.
Preparing it is very simple, but you must first learn to clean the cuttlefish.

How to clean cuttlefish

First wash them very well and then incise the belly for eliminate the central bone.
extract the bag with black and put it in a bowl covered with damp kitchen paper because black dries quickly.
Eliminate the outer skin of the cuttlefish, the most viscous one, which comes off simply by pulling it and then passing to the head.
Eliminate head and eyes of the cuttlefish and extract the hard inner part.
Cut everything else, including the tentacles into strips.

The recipe of pasta with squid ink

Once the cuttlefish has been cleaned and cut cook it in the pan with oil and garlic, add the white wine.
Add the bags of black ink breaking them gently to make it come out and stir until the cuttlefish is well seasoned.
Season the drained pasta al dente, usually long pasta linguine or bavette, and sprinkle everything with fresh chopped parsley.

If I can't clean cuttlefish?

You can ask the fishmongers of the already clean cuttlefish and black to partand or you can buy the cuttlefish ink in glass packages but obviously, needless to say, you don't know the same thing because the freshness of the ingredients is the main ingredient in this dish.

Cuttlefish in black

Another very simple, inexpensive and easy to prepare dish is the cuttlefish in black, a typical Venetian recipe.
That's enough cook the cuttlefish with their own black, a clove of garlic and the tomato puree and you will get a second of tasty and tasty fish to accompany with slices of toasted bread or, as usual, with polenta.
Cuttlefish in black can also be excellent seasoning for pasta and an alternative to the classic black squid pasta recipe for those who can never give up tomato.

Find out in the gallery for what you can use sepia black

the pumpkin as an ingredient of beauty – Italian Cuisine


170334Pumpkins of all shapes, magic, good and beautiful pumpkins. And even pumpkins to do beauty masks and give back to the skin the lost elasticity, the right hydration and the necessary nutrients. In short, forget the old and obsolete cucumbers on your face. Now the queen of the skin is the pumpkin pulp, skilfully mixed with yogurt or olive oil, enriched with Manuka honey or cane sugar. That the pumpkin does well, inside and out, and that it is simply sublime to taste is therefore a truth out of the question. Rich in vitamin A and C and enzymes, it also seems to have powers in restoring the circadian rhythm and acting as anti stress. And besides being able to use it from breakfast to dinner, you can also spread it on your face, body or hair.

170337A classicone of masks

If we want a good mask, of those to hold all night (maybe if you are single or if the husband / boyfriend is out) to get absorbed well by the skin, you must first blend the pulp of our pumpkin. At that point a white yogurt, a little olive oil, a handful of ground almonds and a teaspoon of Manuka honey (a sort of New Zealand elixir) is added to the mixture. The consistency obtained should be creamy enough to spread it on the skin before going to bed. And when you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror, after having removed it for good.

170340Go with the scrub

Another use is the scrub, or exfoliating gel. If the goal is to remove the dead skin cells and restore the shine to the skin, the expert advice is to blend the pulp of the pumpkin and, once obtained a creamy mixture, add brown sugar and cinnamon. Massage the skin by smearing the scrub and then rinse with warm water.

170343Variations on the theme

For those who want a refreshing mask for irritated skin, it is suggested to boil the pumpkin pulp mixing it with clay and infusion of mint or lavender. While a cremino made from pumpkin seeds crushed with olive oil is ideal for soothing freckles (assuming it is advisable). If you want to use it as a moisturizer for the body it is recommended to mix it with coconut milk (a half glass) and a teaspoon of cinnamon, leaving it to act for about fifteen minutes before rinsing.

Last but not least

Finally, if the problem is oily skin, all that is left is to blend the pulp, add a jar of white yogurt and lemon juice and apply the mixture on the face. With a tablespoon of honey, one of argan oil and the usual pumpkin pulp you can finally get a hair pack off.

Emanuela Di Pasqua,
February 2019


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