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Automatic pizza dispenser in France @Facebook.

Are you mad about pizza and are all rooms closed? You could try going to a pizza vending machine: it works 24 hours a day every day

Already time have arrived in Italy, the home of pizza. We are talking about the pizza vending machines. And there are also those who, intrigued, tasted it, this pizza and, in the end, although not being able to compare it to that of the meat-and-bone pizza maker, he said that all in all it is not so bad. Especially if you find yourself hungry for pizza at 3 am and all the places are closed!
In short, it can happen to eat worse at the restaurant!
But the real luck, these distributors have made it abroad. And, to see this photo taken by Facebook and taken in France a few days ago, pizza is not even cheap.

Automatic pizza dispenser in France @Facebook.
Automatic pizza vending machine in France @Facebook.

How it is made?

As the video below shows, the pizza is kneaded, left to rise, spread, seasoned and cooked directly from and into the machine. And all without there being a "human being" to touch it, as is said to make it clear that this pizza is certainly more "hygienic" than those that pizza makers usually handle.
Obviously we don't have a rich menu like when we sit at a restaurant: the choice usually doesn't exceed 4 options.
The video explains that all the fillings are single-serve and made only with fresh ingredients, no frozen food.

In short, two minutes of infrared oven, which are added to the 30 seconds used for the preparation, for a total of two and a half minutes, and a steaming pizza will be in our hands.

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