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How nice it is to make pizza from Trieste down

The absence of Neapolitan champions on the podiums of the World Pizza Championship has caused some controversy. How it went and who won what

A few weeks ago in Parma the World Pizza Championship. Three days to elect the best pizza makers to compete in different categories (including pizza alla pala, gluten-free and classic Neapolitan). And so far, nothing new. The real news of the 28th edition comes at the time of the awards ceremony when it is called to get on the podium Lorenzo Collovigh. The Wellpizza pizza maker Eatalia from Udine won the title in the Traditional specialty guaranteed (Neapolitan pizza) thanks to a marinara with San Marzano, garlic and oregano.

"My victory – declared Collovigh – shows that we can no longer really think that, to make a good pizza, you need to be a Neapolitan. It is a simplistic and reductive position. Naples gave us this goodness, we can all make it grow. Success depends on commitment, experience and skill. To become the best you must always put yourself to the test and always overcome yourself, without ever thinking of having arrived. Study, deepen, try, compare with others and go further ".

To reinforce this comment, the victory of Riccardo La Rosa of the pizzeria La Picea di Levanto which won the title in the category Classic pizza. His recipe Ligurian perfumes with a burrata heart, datterino tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, mortar pesto, toasted pine nuts and Parmesan cheese won over all. Also awarded Angelo D'Intino of Made in Italy to Ceppagatti (Pescara) which won in the P categoryizza in pan with its Made in Italy stuffed with cheese, sausage, aubergine, truffle, rocket and gorgonzola.

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