The Montevecchia cheesecake – Italian Cuisine

The Montevecchia cheesecake

The Montevecchia cheesecake, the preparation

1) Prepare the shortcrust pastry: collect the flour, the butter into small pieces, the icing sugar, the egg yolk and a pinch of salt in the blender; blend until the ingredients are blended.

2) Put the pasta on pastry board, work it for a few moments, form a block, wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for one half an hour.

3) Roll out the dough to a thickness of 2-3 mm and lined one 22 cm tart mold. Put in the oven a 180 ° for 5-6 minutes and remove from the oven.

4) Prepare the stuffed: whip the egg whites with 80 g of sugar. Separately, work the goat cheese with the mascarpone and cornstarch, then add the lemon zest reduced to very thin fillets with a rigalimoni.

5) In a capacious one terrine collect the egg yolks with the remaining sugar and whip them with the electric whips until the mixture is clear.

6) Add the cream cheese e jumbled up fine with a spatula.

7) Incorporate at the end the whipped egg whites, in spoonfuls, delicately.

8) Pour it all in in the precooked shortcrust pastry, put back in the oven at 180 ° and cook for 35-40 minutes.

9) Meanwhile, prepare the raspberry coulis: boil 150 g of water with 50 g of sugar, remove from heat, add
the raspberries and leave to rest for 2-3 minutes, then blend everything and pass the sauce through a fine sieve.

10) Remove from the oven the cake swollen and golden and let it cool.

11) Turn it out on a plate, sprinkle it powdered sugar e serve it with the coulis of raspberries.

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