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8 cheesecake try for you – Italian Cuisine

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Baked New York vanilla cheesecake with blueberries

Snickers cheesecake: too good to think about calories – Italian Cuisine

How to prepare the Snickers cheesecake
How to prepare the Snickers cheesecake
How to prepare the Snickers cheesecake
How to prepare the Snickers cheesecake
How to prepare the Snickers cheesecake
How to prepare the Snickers cheesecake

There Snickers cheesecake combines the taste of traditional American dessert with that of a chocolate and caramel snack known all over the world. Impossible to imagine something more greedy! Here's how to make it happen.

The recipe of Snickers cheesecake

The base

Like that of the classic cheesecake also this base is made of biscuits and butter.
Mince about 300 g of chocolate shortbread biscuits with 150 g of peanut butter and then arrange the mixture on the basis of a hinge mold pressing it well with your hands. Leave it in the fridge for a while and prepare the cream.
You can also use stuffed shortbreads like Oreo and chop them without butter, but with a handful of roasted peanuts in the oven.
Both salted and natural peanuts are good.

The cream with cheese

Jumbled up 450 g of spreadable cheese with 500 ml of fresh whipped cream and add three tablespoons of dulce de leche (which you can also prepare at home).

To give firmness to the cream and to obtain firm slices, melt a sheet of isinglass in a little hot milk and stir. Pour the cream into the mold and let it cool in the fridge.
Meanwhile, prepare one ganache melting in a saucepan 100 g of milk or dark chocolate with 50 ml of fresh cream. Pour all over the cheesecake and decorate with peanut chips and bits of chocolate and caramel snacks, the Snickers.


Some variations

Do not you love peanuts? You can prepare an equally tasty cake with le hazelnuts: mince them both for the base and for the cover. Same thing you can do with i pistachios or le almonds.

You can then replace the dulce de leche with a sweet spreadable cream.
Finally, if you love snacks at coconut and chocolate you can prepare a base of cookies with cocoa, butter and coconut and then a cream with cheese and cream of coconut milk, and finally decorate everything with chocolate jelly and coconut snacks.
As you can see, you can really indulge yourself and use your favorite treats to bring to your table a super delicious and original dessert.

Now browse the gallery to learn more about preparing the Snickers cheesecake