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The first Vegan Fashion Week debuted in Los Angeles

While a Milan the Men's Fashion Week concludes, the announcement of the first comes from overseas Vegan Fashion Week. The debut will take place on February 1st for a four-day event and will take place in Los Angeles under the motto of "smart & cruelty free is the new luxury".

The purpose

The idea came to Emmanuelle Riedna, 35-year-old stylist and pr founder of the creative agency Le FrenchLab, with the aim of putting an end to animal exploitation in all its forms by promoting and educating the golden vision of vegan vision fashion world, often (s) subject to social, ethical and environmental issues. "I want to launch ideas for conversation and debate in the fashion industry to educate, uplift and create connections on our most important values: respect for human beings, animal rights and the environment," he told Vegnews. An initiative that comes when there is a greater awareness of the environment by the designers themselves, who are starting to make important ethical decisions such as banning fur from their collections; from the best known pioneer Stella McCartney to Giorgio Armani, until Versace, Gucci is Calvin Klein, just to name a few.

When and where

There Vegan Fashion Week will kick off at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles with a special event featuring key names such as the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner Robert Lempert, esteemed researcher in the field of climate change and member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Until 4 February the VFW will take place at California Market Center. Here will be held parades and discussion panels with activists, influencers and entrepreneurs, also involving the world food is beauty. There will also be one timeline that will show the evolution of vegan fashion and brands committed to embracing cruelty-free practices. The fashion week will end with an evening of fundraising to support vegan stylists to create ethical alternatives and promises to be able to stop in other American cities, if not European ones. Given the vegan breakthrough in support of the movement The Greenprint, we wonder if even Beyoncé and Jay-Z will participate in the event.

California dreamin

With this innovative project, California is once again confirmed as the vegan paradise for excellence. In fact, there are various actions in favor of the environment and of the animals that have been undertaken: from pate of foie gras banned in restaurants at the recent law that requires pet shops to sell only animals from kennels and shelters, without forgetting that San Francisco stands out for being the first American city to ban the sale of fur and all clothing made of animal fur.

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