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the farmer's suspended expense to help those in need

An initiative of Campagna Amica by Coldiretti to donate a food pack of fruit, vegetables and other products at km 0 to families in difficulty

From suspended coffee to suspended meal, up to farmer's expense suspended. The latter is the proposal of the farmers of the circuit Coldiretti's Friend Campaign to combat the food emergency following the Coronavirus. The initiative is active from today, 31 March.

Expenditure suspended: a food package to be donated to the needy

How does it work? As explained by the association, citizens who receive shopping at home through the Campagna Amica markets and farms spread throughout Italy can donate a food package to families who in this period need it most. The restrictive measures to contain the contagion have caused, in fact, the suspension or loss of work of many people, increasing the number of those forced to ask for help for food.

What it consists of and to whom the farmer's expense is donated

The farmer's expense includes fruit, vegetables, flour, cheese, salami or other quality and made in Italy foodstuffs at zero km that the farmers of Campagna Amica will deliver free of charge to needy families in agreement with the Municipalities. Some destinations: a Milan packs save pantries will be delivered to some families in the neighborhood of public housing near the Porta Romana farmer's market; while a Rome fruit, vegetables, rice and pasta will be donated to the Little Sisters' home in Piazza San Pietro in Vinci; in Puglia the products of the farmers of the Campagna Amica Farmers Market in via Appia 226 a Toast they will be donated to the diocesan canteen of the poor in the cathedral parish.

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