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the desire to do gardening is back

The arrival of spring makes you want to put your hands back in the pots and cover every inch of balcony or terrace with flowering plants. Because spring is also a desire for gardening

Not only does the calendar that spring has arrived tell us. The days that lengthen, the light that remains until late afternoon, the song of the birds that is felt on the branches of the trees: they are all unmistakable signs of the fact that the beautiful season has come. And with it the desire to gardening. For those who love get your hands dirty with earth and various seeds so the time has come to get down to work. Let's see, then, together what can be planted in the month of March on balconies and terraces.

The bulbs, the principles of spring

Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths are the most popular, most loved and easiest to grow bulbs. They should be grounded in November, but you can plant them even now and see them flowering in a month and a half. They are available in many varieties, so as to satisfy all needs. There are early or late, for different flowering times. The basic rule is that the bulbs they are buried at a depth three times the size of the diameter of the bulb itself. Be careful when buying them, and check the flowering times.

The romantic violets

There are more than 500 species, but the most common are only three: violets are certainly among the most romantic flowers there are and they are perfect to make your balcony a succession of shades of purple. Buy the seedlings in any garden center and then repot them at home. But be careful: this work must be done in the shortest possible time not to ruin the flowers, which are very delicate. The earth for repotting will have to be half soil for flowers and half sand, very useful to regulate the drainage of water. In addition to this, do not forget to put some clay balls at the bottom of the vase to avoid stagnation. Once repotted, remember that the violets don't like the humid heat, then, as the temperatures get warmer, move your vases so that they have a partial shade. They should be wet a little, but often.

The sweet pea, for a colored wall

Do you have a balcony wall that you don't like and want to cover with flowers? The sweet pea it is perfect, because it develops quickly and is very vigorous. It has flowers of different colors and very fragrant. It blooms from April to late summer and the best time to sow it is its own the beginning of spring. There are several varieties, some climbing plants, others dwarfs, which are used to make real ones pillows flowering. Before planting the seeds, leave them to soak in lukewarm water for one night: this operation will serve to soften the integument and facilitate germination.

The indispensable tools

Whether you are a skilled gardener or a gardener last minute improvisations, to do a good job it is essential to have some tools and basic products, which will allow you not to make mistakes and not having to repair the damage at a later time. Among these, surely gods vases of different sizes, a shovel to fix the earth, of theexpanded clay to put on the bottom of each pot before putting the soil, to avoid water stagnation, soils with acidic and basic pH, pointed scissors to thin the roots of the plants before potting them, specific fertilizers for each plant, a bag of compost , a cloth not to get dirty, gloves and a watering can.

In the tutorial some ideas to make your balcony bloom

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