let's start with vinegar and baking soda! – Italian Cuisine

let's start with vinegar and baking soda!

Using chemical detergents can often cause allergies or irritations: cleaning can be done more ecofrendly, with two natural products such as vinegar and bicarbonate

Thanks to the light of the sun that illuminates all the interiors of the house, dust and various stains on the surfaces jump for all to see. It's time for great spring cleaning and if you don't know which detergents to use to make everything shine, rely on grandma's advice: vinegar and baking soda they will solve every problem, without making you spend a lot and winking at the environment

Vinegar, from pots to clothes

It is appropriate to say that with vinegar you can clean everything. If you have tiles and porcelain stoneware in your home, nothing better than vinegar will remove impurities and give new light to the floor. Dilute a glass in the bucket with water and you're done. Vinegar is also perfect for cleaning glass: dilute it in water, pour it into a spray and clean all glass surfaces, from windows to tables, without having to rinse. Do you have shower siphons clogged with limestone? Nothing better than vinegar for dissolve all deposits: dismantle the piece, leave it immersed in a bowl with pure vinegar all night long and rinse it off the next day and replace it. This treatment is also useful for descaling dishwashers and washing machines: just set a complete washing cycle by pouring a liter of vinegar into the basket or directly into the dishwasher.

Baking soda, a perfect antifungal and anti-mold

Sodium bicarbonate can be used diluted or dry. To brighten up the color of carpets or sofas, for example, you can spread a small amount of bicarbonate on the surface to be treated, let it work for about two hours, and then vacuum it up. The bicarbonate treatment is used to keep mites away, so it is essential for those who are allergic. Secco is also perfect for absorbing mold from walls: leave a full bowl near the wall to be treated and slowly you will see the moisture disappear. Once exhausted, after about two months, replace it, and throw the old one in the toilet drain, it will help to remove the limestone. Diluted instead in water it is ideal to remove the scale deposits on the enamelled surfaces of faucets and shower traps. Rub the surfaces to be treated with a sponge and baking soda and then rinse. If you then have an oven full of stains, put in a lot of baking soda, sprinkle hot water over it, let it work for one night and then the next day wipe it with a sponge: marks and grease stains will have disappeared!

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