Stay in! Cooks from all over the world return to the kitchen (for a day) – Italian Cuisine

Gelinaz, the global gastronomic event that for years has made the kitchens of chefs from all over the world exchange, this year says enough. Leave 148 chefs at home, cooking the recipes of others. To break down the boundaries and travel with the mind

38 countries, 138 restaurants, 148 chefs, 2200 recipes exchanged, 700 hours of preparation, 17 hours of time zone. From Ghana to the Philippines, from Camanini on Lake Garda to Rodolfo Guzman in Chile, for one night, all over the world, a menu will be prepared without borders, without borders, unique and unrepeatable.

Thirty years ago the walls were demolished, explains the presentation video of Gelinaz, showing images of Berlin 1989. Today we are reconstructing them, and the proclamations of Donald Trump, photos of clashes with the police and of violence in the squares. But sometimes, things change when you are still. So this year the event that for years has led chefs around the world to cook in other people's kitchens, launches a new provocation: stay in. No one will move, no flight, no hosted by an official visiting ambassador. The party will take place at home. The cooks will not travel anywhere but their recipes, yes.

On November 1st, each chef received 8 new random recipes from another of the participants, without knowing which restaurant and which chef. The "matrix" recipes were reinterpreted in a month by the resident chef, who became a remix, unique and unrepeatable. A Situationist tasting menu, cooked only for one evening and simultaneously all over the world, on December 3rd, for the coolest event in the world gastronomy.

We eat what's there, we don't ask for changes, additions, ingredients to remove or add. Tickets have been sold on the web. Virtually all sold out within a few days. We sit and share a world experiment with thousands of others. A closed box, improvising, exactly like the chef in the kitchen. GELINAZ is a performance, it does not aim to put dinner on the table. "GELINAZ! is a collective of chefs, created by chef, for chef ”, an experimental playground always looking for new languages ​​and unexplored collective expressions in search of the food of the future.

Everything was born in November 2005, by four chefs (Andoni Luis Aduriz, Massimo Bottura, Petter Nilsson, Fulvio Pierangelini) and over the years it has expanded to today, to 148 chefs involved and to four continents. GELINAZ has exchanged kitchens for dozens of chefs, incognito, making them cook for an audience unaware of who and what they would find in front of them. Rock’n’roll, irreverent, absolutely unpredictable, GELINAZ was the complete opposite of “four-handed dinners” and nonsense hosted, and now in fact doing vanguard once again, he said enough, and made the cooks return to their kitchens. Against the idea of ​​copyright, of borders, of walls, of travel by train, car, plane, against pollution and fatigue, one travels with the mind, without leaving home. To break down the borders.

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