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Right sandwich, a 40-year history

It's a long love story 40 years that between Panino Giusto and his admirers spread all over the world, passionate about Italian sandwich in its many variations, able to meet every desire. A success story that perhaps even its advocates would have struggled to imagine, but which turned the makeshift meal sandwich to convivial moment chosen with awareness to indulge in a great moment taste.

Speaking of lightning strike maybe it could be exaggerated, but it is certainly true that when in 1979 the first Panino Giusto opens its doors to Milan in Corso Garibaldi it unhinges habits and convictions of the Milanese, especially in the "sacred" moment of the lunch break. In the dish comes in fact a sandwich prepared with quality ingredients for a quick and informal break, a sandwich that you eat with your hands – almost a revolution! After that first moment many small and big changes have taken place over the years that have helped to revive the Italian sandwich, making it an excellence appreciated all over the world thanks to the work of the Italian Panino Academy founded by Panino Giusto, who promotes the culture of quality sandwich made in Italy also enhancing it as a professional opportunity, organizing courses for those who want to start or improve an activity dedicated to sandwiches.

In the 40-year history of Panino Giusto, changes in the tastes and fashions of our country are also reflected. An example of this is the "Diplomatic", a sandwich that has always been in the menu based on cooked in Prague – exotic ingredient for the early eighties – cheese edamer is pink sauce, a must-have of the era for every recipe with chic ambitions. Even today much appreciated, tells us who we were snatching a smile.

If in the opulent nineties peeps more luxurious ingredients, like the truffle oil of Alba, today's sandwiches tell of a collective responsibility, aattention to the common good also represented by the decision to reduce consumption of meat and to favor the ingredients produced in the area. The menus are therefore enriched with vegetarian sandwiches – but they all order! – as the Sicilian, a bread with cereals stuffed with cacio ragusano, grilled zucchini, fresh cheese flavored with thyme and marjoram, basil pesto, oregano of Pantelleria. To celebrate the fortieth birthday, a new chef's creation has arrived Claudio Sadler, formerly a partner of Panino Giusto, the WRONG sandwich which refers to the famous Negroni Sbagliato, among the symbolic cocktails of Milan. The ingredients? Bread made with a mixture between an Italian organic flour and venison rice flour, fresh cheese, marinated bresaola in Campari flavored with chilli and bay leaf, Salva cremasco cheese, tapenade of green olives and gherkins, orange zest. A recipe that, as CEO Antonio Civita has declared, wants "to symbolically honor the theme of error, because even and perhaps above all in mistakes there is the best space for reflection, for new ideas, for growth".

A look forward confirmed by the new and ambitious Vision is Mission of Panino Giusto or "Adding value to the world through a sandwich" is "Propose the Italian sandwich as a beautiful, good and right way to feed respecting environment, people and animals".

Claudia Minnella
February 2019


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