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The starred sandwich according to chef Caterina Ceraudo – Italian Cuisine

A tribute to the feminine talent and beauty of Calabria and its raw materials: Petelia is the name of the limited-edition star-rated sandwich by chef Caterina Ceraudo for the opening of the new Panino Giusto First Floor in Milan

When creativity meets quality and a feminine touch is added, the result can only be excellent. The starred sandwich proposed by the chef Caterina Ceraudo for the menu dedicated to the Masters of Italian Cuisine of Panino Giusto it's a real explosion of Mediterranean flavors. A limited edition to taste as soon as possible to feel from the first bite all the essence and richness of Calabria, the land of origin of one of the most interesting young chefs on the contemporary Italian scene.

Chef Caterina Ceraudo and the Panine Giusto sandwich masters

Petelia is his name

At the opening of Panino Giusto First Floor, two levels of taste and shopping with Yamamay for a total of 1000 square meters in Piazza Cordusio a Milan, the excellent collaboration with the chef is born Caterina Ceraudo of the restaurant Dattilo, a Michelin star. Just from the Greek name of the Calabrian town Strongoli in the province of Crotone where it was born is called its gourmet sandwich, Petelia. A tribute to the feminine talent and beauty of her Calabria, the young cook proved ready to test herself on something different from the classic menu: «I accepted this invitation because bread, in its authentic expressions, is always present in my kitchen and because I had not yet attempted to conceive a sandwich, something to eat with my hands, which must take into account the harmony of everything together in the same bite! .

From surprising ingredients to special bread

The ingredients chosen by the chef Caterina Ceraudo for the Petelia they are a celebration of the raw materials of his land: capocollo, field salad and candied citrus fruits, Tropea onion marinated in raspberry vinegar and stracciatella, All enclosed in a special bread obtained from soft wheat Verna, an ancient variety grown in the Catanzaran Sila at 1300 meters high for at least 60 years, the so-called mountain grain. A choice that is certainly not accidental and that follows its path of enhancing the raw material and allowing it to involve another young Calabrese, Stefano Caccavari, creator of Mulinum, project that brings back the cultivation of the original grain, which is healthier and better because it is integral and free from invasive chemical treatments. A substantial difference that is felt from the first bite, crunchy and soft at the same time, to then reach the tenderness of the tasty filling until the final acidulous and engaging lash. The mouth water rises?

Chef Caterina Ceraudo and gourmet sandwich Petelia for Panino Giusto

Petelia is a happy expression of the kitchen of Caterina Ceraudo, based on an infinite respect for food and its natural origin, which leads it to use few elements enhancing simple flavors. Its could be defined as a balanced and light cuisine, apparently paradoxical in Calabria, which however manages to reach every dish, from savory to sweet. With the strength of the Ceraudo family behind them and their studies Niko Romito, the young Calabrian, born in 1987, already has important prizes and awards in her curriculum, such as Best Chef Woman 2017 for the Michelin Guide or Best Chef Under 35 of the 2018 Food Community Awards, as well as being part of theAtelier des Grandes Dames, network created by the Maison de Champagne Veuve Clicquot, to support the female talents of high catering. His is a pure and simple talent, visionary and creative, who knew how to conceive a gourmet version of the sandwich, a must on the menu of Panino Giusto.

All the secrets of the perfect club sandwich: recipe and variations – Italian Cuisine

More layers are better than one! Here's how to prepare the most famous sandwich in the world

The Club Sandwich it is a rich and rich sandwich born in the United States at the end of the 800. A circle reserved for men only appeared on the game table of the Saratoga Club house in New York, and soon became so famous that it went around the world.
And if in England there was already a simple sandwich, this one multilayer version dispossessed the original recipe, conquering even the most demanding palates.

Where to eat the best club sandwich in the world?

According to experts the best club sandwich would be the one proposed at Paris from the hotel Le Meurice on Rue de Rivoli.
Also in Italy there are excellent ones, particularly in Rome, the city of sandwiches par excellence.

How to prepare the club sandwich

It is a very simple recipe: at the bottom it is a sandwich, with many layers, but to compose a little to taste of one's own tastes.
The classic recipe includes several layers of sandwich bread stuffed with sliced ​​chicken or turkey, tomato, lettuce, bacon and various sauces.

The bread

Use the White bread, preferably without crust. Take three square slices, toast them and butter them lightly.
On two spread the mayonnaise only on one side and on one spread another sauce on both sides. This is the slice that will go in the middle.
Once the sandwich is prepared, divide it in half in two triangles.

The sauces

The sauces not only make the sandwich tastier, but make the ingredients stick to the slice of bread.
The club sandwich in fact, although being so abundantly stuffed, must remain rather compact because it is already cut in half. All layers must be clearly visible and the filling equally distributed.


We talked about slices of chicken or turkey and we mean or the slice to be cooked on the plate or even simply thesliced, more practical for filling a sandwich.
Abundant with the quantities, because the chicken layer must be quite important.

The bacon

Bacon is a key ingredient in the club sandwich because it adds flavor and crunchiness.
While the chicken needs to be cooled before being inserted into the sandwich, the bacon must be hot and crunchy.

Tomato and lettuce

Lettuce always goes under the slice of tomato to prevent the bread from getting wet and softening.
In the first layer then we will have mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, chicken and crispy bacon, then the slice of bread spread on both sides with the sauce and one more layer like the previous one.

Now browse the gallery to discover some original variations of the basic recipe

The Shooter’s Sandwich – Tally Ho Indeed

Even though this trendy shooter’s sandwich has been requested many times, I’ve resisted making one because I’ve always felt there were better handheld delivery systems for steak and mushroom ingestion. Like a panini for example, or maybe even a cheesy quesadilla; but pressed into a cold, hard wedge?

Then, I had an incredibly small epiphany. I ran across the origins of the shooter’s sandwich online, and realized I might have been missing the point. This wasn’t something you make for just any lunch; it was something you make to take on a foxhunt (or what you Americans call a “tailgate party”).

I can’t remember the last time I was on a foxhunt, but after giving this a try, I can see the advantages of this very filling, very flavorful, and very sturdy sandwich. But, as I stressed in the video, you really need a couple huge steaks to make this work. Even cooked slightly pass medium, this was okay, but another half-inch of tender, pink meat would have made the whole affair significantly better.

So, I guess if I were going on a long hike, or out for a relaxing day of shooting innocent foxes, I would consider making this again, but while I tucked in, I have to admit, I’d probably be dreaming about a steaming hot, steak and mushroom hoagie. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 8 Portions:
(Note: I didn’t measure anything, ‘cause it’s a sandwich, but these should be close enough.)

For the mustard sauce:
3 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp extra hot horseradish
1 tbsp mayo

For the mushrooms:
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp butter, divided
1 1/2 pound button mushrooms
salt and pepper to taste
cayenne to taste
1/2 cup minced shallots
2 tbsp brandy or sherry

The rest:
2 at least 16 to18-oz well-trimmed beef steaks (rib eye, NY strip, or top-sirloin are best choices, in that order). Seared in some vegetable oil.
salt and pepper to taste
3-4 oz fine pate, optional
1 round loaf of crusty bread