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The sandwich with tuna tataki and Moreno Cedroni parmesan mousse – Italian Cuisine

The sandwich with tuna tataki and Moreno Cedroni parmesan mousse

It is one of the gourmet street food dishes of its kiosk in Senigallia. The chef reveals how to prepare it and says: "When I can reopen it will be like the first day"

During the quarantine, the chef Moreno Cedroni, two Michelin stars with the restaurant The Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia (An), the new menu of the Clandestino, the "susci bar" in the bay of Portonovo, and is thinking about the idea of ​​organizing a small delivery service with the dishes of Anikò, the gourmet street food kiosk in Piazza Saffi in Senigallia.

Sandwich with tuna tataki and parmesan mousse

"Tonight I prepare some sandwiches and check the status after half an hour to understand how customers who order at home could receive it – he says during the live Instagram #Dinner time on page of @LaCucinaItaliana with our director Maddalena Fossati. His idea of ​​sandwich is something like "white tuna tataki, parmesan mousse, salad and a dressing of soy sauce, ginger and extra virgin olive oil". “I prepare the mousse with 500 g of cream and 250 g of seasoned Parmesan 24 mesi: I boil the cream, add the grated Parmesan, blend, pass through a sieve, then let it cool. I can serve it, for example as a spreadable cream or I can use it as a filling for a tortellino. For the sauce I use 30 g of lightly salted soy sauce, 20-25 g of fruity extra virgin olive oil, 10 g of grated ginger".

From cooking octopus to creamed stockfish

The fish is certainly the figure of the chef. Recommend us how cook the octopus ("To fix the skin to the tentacles, dip the octopus in boiling water two / three times, then simmer it for an hour and a half in salt-free water, then let it cool in the same water and then put it in the fridge"); gives us a delicious suggestion for an aperitif ("let's cook it stockfish in a little milk with garlic, then we whisk with extra virgin olive oil and a little cooking milk and here is a mousse to spread on the croutons "); talks about dishes like the fried scallop in cuttlefish ink tempura with clam and zucchini sauce or as the scallops with fontina fondue and white truffle; reveals that the "Susci" of the Clandestino this year will be inspired by Greek gods for a gastronomic flight from Monte Conero to Monte Olympus.

Like the first day

"April 24 will be 36 years since the inauguration of the Madonnina – Cedroni recalls – the day I can reopen I imagine it as that first dayo: I will be there, at the restaurant, waiting for the first customers. We must never forget that the guest is the center of our work. "

Sandwich recipe with tomini and crispy bacon – Italian Cuisine

Sandwich recipe with tomini and crispy bacon

  • 50 g peeled pistachios
  • 16 pcs slices of smoked bacon spread
  • 6 pcs mini tomini
  • 1 pc head of Treviso radicchio
  • 1 pc leek
  • sage
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil

For the recipe of the sandwich of tomini and crispy bacon, peel the leek and cut it into slices of about one cm thick; brown them in a pan with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt for 2 minutes on each side. Clean the radicchio and cut it into 4 wedges; also brown in a pan, with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt, for one minute per side. Roll out the slices of bacon in a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake them at 180 ° C for about 5 minutes, until they are crispy and toasted. Cut the tomini in half, obtaining 12 discs of cheese: overlap them three by three, intermingling them with the slices of toasted bacon: you will get 4 three-layer sandwiches. Place them in a plate covered with parchment paper, with 2 sage leaves, and bake them at 180 ° C until the cheese begins to soften. Serve the sandwiches with the seared leek and radicchio and the chopped pistachios.

Potato Sandwich – Potato Sandwich Recipe – Italian Cuisine

»Potatoes with pizza maker - Recipe Potatoes with pizza maker by Misya

First wash the potatoes, pierce the peel with a fork, wrap with plastic wrap and cook for 5 minutes at 800W in the microwave (alternatively, cook them normally: wash them, put them in a pot, cover them with plenty of cold water and cook for about 30- 35 minutes or until they are almost completely cooked, so drain them).
Remove the film, peel them, let them cool and cut them horizontally into 3 slices, taking care not to break them.

Stuff the potatoes as if they were a sandwich: put 1 slice of scamorza on the base of the potato, cover with the intermediate slice of potato, add 1 second slice of scamorza and close with the final slice of potato.
If you want, season the potato with salt and pepper, without exaggerating because the ham will become very tasty after cooking.
Wrap each potato with a slice of ham, then block the various layers with a sprig of rosemary (alternatively you can use a toothpick).

Put all the potatoes in a pan, add a few flakes of butter and cook for 15 minutes at 220 ° C, in a preheated oven, so that the cheese melts and the ham becomes slightly crispy.

The potato sandwiches are ready, serve hot or lukewarm at best.

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