Peanut: male or female? – The Italian kitchen – Italian Cuisine

Peanut: male or female? - The Italian kitchen

Grammar problems: is peanut male or female? Let's find out the correct definition together

Peanut: Have you identified it as a masculine noun throughout your life? Wrong: say “peanuts" it's not right.

As the vocabulary explains Treccani, the peanut is a word female. Its other names also include: American hazelnut, ground pistachio or ground chickpea.

«Aràchide s. f. [dal lat. scient. Arachis, nome di genere, che è dal gr. ἀρακίς -ίδος, propr. «cicerchia]. – Annual herb of the leguminous papillionaceae (lat. Scient. Arachis hypogaea), also called American hazelnut, ground pistachio, ground chickpea, native to Brazil, but cultivated with numerous varieties in all hot countries: it has erect or prostrate stems, leaves composed of two pairs of leaflets, yellow flowers; the fruit, underground, is an oblong, indehiscent legume; particolarm. important are the seeds, ovoid, in number from 1 to 4 (also called American peanuts), which are consumed, after roasting, as dried fruit and are used as a substitute for cocoa, for the preparation of butter and, above all, for extraction edible oil (peanut oil), clear, clear and with a pleasant taste. "

But it does not end there, there are other doubts to be resolved about it peanuts: read below!

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