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Pasta with garlic, oil and chilli


There garlic, oil and chilli paste it is prepared in a few minutes! It's a classic recipe so easy to do as always appreciated by everyone. It is ideal to prepare when you have unexpected guests at home or when you don't feel like cooking, but don't want to miss out on a tasty dish rich in quality ingredients.

What we offer you is a refined and elegant variant of the classic recipe of garlic, oil and chilli paste, prepared with i Pici. Pici are a typical Tuscan pasta made with durum wheat flour, similar to large spaghetti; you can make them at home or buy them dry, ready to boil.

How to prepare pasta with garlic, oil and chilli

1) Work the ingredients. Boil a large pot of water, because i Pici they require longer cooking than a common long pasta. Meanwhile, wash the chili pepper, cut it into slices for the width and remove the seeds. Peel the cloves ofgarlic, remove the inner shoot from each one and cut them into slices.

2) Prepare the seasoning. Warm 4 tablespoons d'oil extra virgin olive oil in a cooking pan with a handle and the high edge ideal for then pulling the dough. Add the slices of garlic and let it brown over moderate heat, being careful not to burn it. Combine the prepared chilli, adjusting the quantity to taste, and let the oil flavor, then turn off the flame.

3) Cook the pasta. Room the water you brought to a boil and cook the pici following the times indicated on the package. Drain them slightly al dente and transfer them to the pan with oil, garlic and chilli.

4) Complete the dish. Blow up pici with garlic, oil and chilli for a few moments and add another 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, this time raw, before serving. If you wish, you can finally add some parsley finely chopped.


Instead of pici you can use any type of durum wheat semolina pasta with a long format and with a certain thickness in diameter: spaghetti, bucatino, bigolo or troccolo go well. Too thin pasta, such as spaghettini, does not do as well.

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