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Pasta queens: Italian grandmothers conquer YouTube

On the occasion of World Pasta Day we decided to go into web videos, looking for grandmothers specialized in tagliatelle, maccheroncini and lasagne

The sound of the sizzling sauté comes straight from the kitchen, heralding the tastiest of sauces. Meanwhile, the white dots of the flour escape from the wooden pastry board, and are joined in a thin veil that covers the dining room table, right next to the pastry machine. And we, who adore this show of tradition and skill, begin to anticipate lunch, sure that sooner or later the fateful, inevitable sentence will come: "Take another dish, because you have eaten little and see you skinny". Needless to turn around too much: no one in the kitchen is able to give us the same emotions – and the same flavors – of grandmothers. And we at "La Cucina Italiana", who make them the protagonists of our magazine every month, bringing their stories and recipes to the newsstands, we know very well.

But even the most technological know it to perfection, that to find the secrets of the perfect lasagna they usually turn to that gigantic video library that is YouTube. Yes, because more and more grandmothers – Italian, of course, but not only – are now on the verge of becoming real web stars thanks to their own video recipes. And so today, on the occasion of World Pasta Day, the world day that celebrates the wonders of tagliatelle, penne and spaghetti, we decided to go into the colorful world of the Internet, in search of the grandmothers-youtuber most popular on the planet. Because yes, today the most secret recipes can also be handed down through an online video.

Here then are the irresistible protagonists of Pasta Grannies, the project inaugurated by Vicky Bennison which resumes – and translates into English – some very expert Italian ladies struggling with their own pasta-based specialties. From Maremma tortelli to fettuccine with ragù, passing from an abundant plate of homemade bigoli. And while grandmother Cesaria tells us how to prepare the Sardinian lorighittas, grandmother Rosa from Tuscany replicates with the recipe of the gross pastry. Result? Nearly 430 thousand users subscribed to the YouTube channel, ready to carefully study the advice of these queens of the Italian cuisine.

Meanwhile, grandmother Maria and granddaughter Federica – together with the other family members – are full of consents in Italian with the channel Grandmother's recipes: also in this case there is no lack of carbohydrates, including pasta and potatoes, ziti with meat sauce and the inevitable orecchiette with turnip tops. A tribute to the Apulian traditions that brings together almost 94 thousand members.

Even grandparents, however, want their share of web popularity. And so here is all the sympathy of Mimmo Corcione, which directly from the stoves of its own kitchen passionately tells the specialties of Campania cuisine, including spaghetti with green tomatoes and macaroni with squid tentacles. Until you arrive overseas, where the videos of Rossella's Cooking with Nonna they stage the amusing curtains of an Italian-American family: where not, the words in English do not always come out perfectly to the lady, unlike her tasty proposals based on ziti, rigatoni and spaghetti.

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