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Munching something with friends in front of the TV is almost mandatory, but it is important to choose the right foods to enjoy the episodes one after the other, glued in front of the TV like geckos on a wall, for an evening of fun


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Is called binge-watching and defines a real marathon in front of the television (literally, "a visual binge"): it is the Anglo-Saxon term that indicates when, placed in front of the TV alone or in company, you watch five, ten, even an entire season of episodes of a television series, all in a row, for hours. Accomplices the cold evenings, the various restrictions of the moment or simply those days at the end of which the goal is to beach on the sofa, remote control in hand, and immerse yourself in your favorite television series, without interruptions and without advertising, devouring an episode after the more without waiting for the weekly broadcast. The risk is to stay up late, so better if you are in company: invitations to friends for a sofa-party-with-TV marathon start, because staying at home in front of the TV doesn't have to be just a solitary pastime. On the contrary.
The multiplication of platforms with offers of streaming programs (films, TV shows, TV series) allows you to plan a very special evening of fun: first yes decide what to see – and this is the hardest part, sometimes the evening ends like this, leafing through TV series without seeing one, we've been there – then they organize the snacks. Because getting absorbed in a drama, thriller, comedy or show for hours makes you hungry and thirsty, and you have to be prepared.

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There are many possible appetizer snacks that you find ready to eat in front of the TV, but offer delicious and homemade with selected ingredients, it has the added value of relieving binge guilt ("so they are certainly healthier") and surprising friends – once again – with your ability to be eclectic hosts.
The food to be consumed during the long hours of watching a television series (be prepared, sometimes it is a whole season), must be simple and possibly ready in advance – so as not to block those who prepare it in the kitchen for too long – e practical to serve and enjoy, perhaps with your hands or with just a fork / spoon. Everything must be arranged in front of the television, so that there will be no need to interrupt the viewing to serve and guests will be grateful to you.

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Below we have played to offer you the suitable food for each type of series, to facilitate immersion in the program you are watching, but of course the following are just suggestions: you can mix the proposals or choose the one you prefer

If you decide for a drama in Gray Anatomy style or if you like them romantic stories, Handkerchiefs and lots of chocolate … you can start with some puff pastry and tartlets to tease, and then comfort yourself with a consoling slice of creamy delights or a super chocolate cake!

If it is a series action or d 'adventure, full of adrenaline, we recommend spicy snacks, such as peppers with meatballs, perhaps Mexican-style such as fajitas, tacos (including vegetarians), nachos with lots of guacamole. Fun to finish with ice cream chupa-chups.

If you like the sitcom, what could be better than offering a Chinese-style dinner – Cantonese rice, rice noodles, grilled or steamed ravioli and, for dessert, panna cotta with kumquat – for a Big Bang Theory-style marathon? Or pizzas and morsels of focaccia, and hamburgers (here are the tricks to do it to perfection) for a rerun Gilmore Girls or Friends? Finally, an ice cream tiramisu.

If you choose to see a series Fantasy or maybe the whole Harry Potter saga from the beginning, as if by magic, vegetable chips with sauce, British fish & chips, chicken nuggets, stuffed turkey slices and, finally, ice cream will appear on the strategic table placed in front of the sofa on the stick.

The choice of a detective or one crime series will want to offer chips and popcorn, paprika chicken wings, well-stuffed sandwiches and, of course, donut for dessert. The tension will also stimulate the consumption of a crunchy pinzimonio, served with sauce. In the end, chocolate mousse for everyone!

And remember: the first rule for spending many hours in front of a screen is definitely that of to dress comfortably (there are also those who dress in theme with the series, but we would not like to exaggerate). We recommend turn off the phone ringer or other electronic devices that may bother (and bother) you while watching. Prepare the suitable drinks for your selection, beer, a glass of wine, soft drinks, a lot of water. Do not overdo it with alcohol to follow the more complex plots well. Good vision!

January 2022
Francesca Tagliabue

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Posted on 24/01/2022


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