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Fulvio Marino’s amusement park pancakes: recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The amusement park pancakes? He teaches them to us Fulvio Marino. The famous baker, owner of the FuocoFarina bakery, opened in 2023 in Alba (Cuneo), goes back to top Food Network from February 17th every Saturday at 5.50pm with the program In your home ovenan opportunity to teach and share the recipes of its leavened products, easy and certainly successful, including this classic of Italian street food, to be redone at home in a few simple steps and also perfect for Carnival.

From pancakes to bao

Are you tempted to try and not just taste? Fulvio, as usual, will show step by step how to make simple and tasty bread-making recipes, revealing everything there is to know about the world of doughs, flours and leavening for breads, pizzas and sweet wonders. Each episode will be dedicated to a specific theme, including: An afternoon at the amusement park, with pancakes and hot dogs, or The eastwith Persian bread ei wow or again, Movie night at homewith donuts and grows leafy.
A step by step excursus that Marino takes through the ingredients, flours, equipment and different leavening, shaping and cooking techniques. A sharing of steps and little secrets to launch yourself, with lightheartedness and greed, into the world of bread making and leavened products, without fear, but with the desire to experiment with new things.

The recipe: amusement park pancakes

An irresistible recipe that recalls Carnival, but also village festivals, street food and its delicacies. Few and simple ingredients in this recipe Fulvio Marinowhich he draws from the basket of his childhood memories.

4 Restaurants: the best restaurant in Mantua and pumpkin tortelli – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

4 Restaurants: the best restaurant in Mantua and pumpkin tortelli

The “pearl” of the Renaissance, Mantua, was the final stage of the long journey of Alessandro Borghese 4 Ristoranti, who with his van went in search of the best restaurants on the French Riviera, the Oltrepò Pavese, Lisbon, the historic center of Ravenna, Ogliastra in Sardinia, Gorizia, Lucca and Monza.

Mantua, an architectural jewel of the Po Valley, between the Mincio river and Lake Garda, enjoys a strategic position which has certainly contributed to its historical importance and its commercial development. But also the Gonzagas, who held power for several centuries, participated in its cultural and artistic rise during the Renaissance. The historic center of the city is a fascinating labyrinth of medieval streets, squares and historic buildings, which justify the expression with which Mantua is often defined: «open-air museum. The Palazzo Ducale, residence of the Gonzagas, houses frescoes by a renowned artist such as Andrea Mantegna. The Basilica of Sant’Andrea is a notable example of Renaissance architecture designed by Leon Battista Alberti, and the Rotonda of San Lorenzo, an ancient Roman temple transformed into a church. Mantua, however, is also famous for its rich and varied cuisine: they can be found on the menus of typical restaurants the sbrisolona cake, pumpkin tortelli, pilot risotto and donkey stewbut also pike in sauce and Mantuan salami.

This time too, as required by the rules, four restaurateurs challenged each other to try to obtain the best ratings from colleagues and chef Alessandro Borghese, who first of all inspects the kitchens to ensure compliance with the standards of cleanliness and order. Each restaurant was evaluated for the level of hospitality, service and preparation: diners assign a score from 0 to 10 to location, menu, service and bill, in addition to the fifth category, the dish that all restaurateurs are asked to propose the same flat, the one that is considered most representative of the reference territory. They are on the Mantua tables pumpkin tortelli, an explosion of flavours in which the sweetness of the pumpkin harmonises with the saltiness of the cheese and the bitter-sweetness of the amaretti, in contrast with the spiciness of the mustard.

The restaurants competing in this latest episode of 4 Restaurants are Raw material of Giuseppe, who won the victory, The Rigoletto of Ekla, the restaurant Pumpkin yellow of Sciko and the tavern To the Gallo by Leonardo.

Let’s get to know them better in the gallery.

Geolier, Sanremo, rap and (his) pizza: where to taste it – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

«I p’ me you p’ me: we’re all singing the song of Geolier, the Neapolitan rapper who bookmakers (and the public) consider among the favorites of this edition of the Sanremo Festival. A song that doesn’t leave your head, it tells of a story that ends and of two lovers who have become strangers, of time wasted and of what could have been gained. It was immediately noticed also because all in Neapolitan dialect and full of slang expressions and – not only for this – it immediately shot to the top of the list of most listened to on Spotify.

Who is Geolier

Geolier pierced the screen, arriving in the homes of many who probably didn’t know who he was before the festival. 23 years old, his real name is Emanuele Palumbo. Geolier is the French translation of “prison guard” or “jailer”, the nickname with which – despite there being no direct link – the inhabitants of Secondigliano are called in Naples: the suburb north of the city where Geolier grew up and where his entire family still lives. The artist arrives in Sanremo after two highly successful albums – “Emanuele” in 2018 and “Il courage dei bambini” in 2022 – and collaborations with artists of caliber, from Emis Killa and Jake La Furia up to Rocco Hunt, and then – among many – Luché, Giorgia, Gigi d’Alessio.

Geolier and pizza

Geolier brought all of Naples to Sanremo: the dialect, the city that is rooting for him, and also the Neapolitan pizza. It seems that fellow singers are crazy about it: his first pizzeria, temporary only for the days of the festival, is just a stone’s throw from the Ariston. The menu is short but essential, with pizzas named after his great hits, and his. There “Pizza Geolier” is with sausage, provola and pumpkin cream, while the pizza “I p’ me, tu p’ te” is with sausage and broccoli and the pizza “The courage of children” with frankfurters and chips. Then there is the “23 marzo” pizza which is a margherita with yellow tomato, the “Secondigliano” pizza which is a marinara and, finally, there is the “Maradona” pizza, which is a white pizza with courgettes.

Where and how to taste Geolier pizza

In addition to the lucky ones who live in Sanremo and will be able to sit at the tables of his pop up pizzeria until the end of the festival, Geolier’s pizza will be available in other Italian cities: in Naples (obviously), Milan and Rome. Arrives with delivery, exclusively on Deliveroo, It is in the there are also croquettes and montanare on the menu. In this case, however, it will continue even a few days beyond the Festival.

Sanremo, pizza, marketing, and not only that

Skillful marketing operation? Certainly, and many have already written it: associating a Neapolitan singer with the Neapolitan gastronomic symbol par excellence, as well as the most loved and popular dish in the world, was a great idea. It must also be said, however, that Geolier is not the first intermediary, nor will it be the last, for initiatives like this, given that there are several and not just related to cooking. We, perhaps romantically, rather like to think that with this idea of ​​pizza Geolier has told another beautiful story of redemption. Because for many Neapolitans – and now not only them – pizza has been and will also be this: an art, and often an escape to a better life.

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