Alessandro Borghese Kitchen Sound returns to TV: here’s the news – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Alessandro Borghese and Alessandro Pisani – Photo Press office Chef Alessandro Borghese

Between these the pediatrician Luca Rosti who will support him by giving advice for the preparation of healthy and balanced menus for children and then – among many – the creator Stefano Cavadathe pizza star Renato Bosco and the team of stars Alessandro Negrini (Voice Aimo and Nadia in Milan), Christian and Manuel Costardi (Shot in Turin and Christian & Manuel in Vercelli), Antonio Grazioli (Luminist in Naples), who will cook beautiful, tasty and easy dishes with him. In the “stage” of the program dedicated to Venice there will be Sebastiano Bodi, resident chef of AB – The luxury of simplicity at Ca’ Vendramin Calergi (Borghese’s Venetian restaurant). Finally, among the guests there will also be many ice cream makers – Vetulio Bondi, Stefano Suzzi, Mauro Tononi, Luca Tentori, Chiara Spalluto – who will offer ice cream-based recipes to cool us off on these hot days. «We are heading towards summer and with the temperatures rising, what’s better than a homemade ice cream? With the “Ice Cream” theme we will talk about the world of master ice cream makers, to “refresh” the public at home in our own way, says Borghese again.

Cooking and music: the great passions of Alessandro Borghese

Photo Press office Chef Alessandro Borghese

The enthusiasm as always is great, also because this program which has now become a cult (like all his programs, after all), is very special for the chef.«Alessandro Borghese Kitchen Sound combines two of my greatest passions, united by the same evocative power capable of moving people: cooking and musicin fact, says Borghese. «When I cook at home and in my restaurants in Milan and Venice there is never a lack of background music and I am sure that the public will also learn to follow the rhythm of the music in the kitchen. The strength of the program is precisely this ability to involve viewers. Between recipes that can also be replicated at home and the secrets revealed by the great professionals in the sector, the public will rediscover the desire to put on an apron and start cooking.”

The social “pills” of #AleKitchenSound

All that remains is to prepare, even on social media, the “pills” of “Waiting for #AleKitchenSound 2024” will have to be posted. Just follow on Instagram @AleKitchenSound.

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