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Juri Chiotti, the Peasant Brigades and sustainability

From a starred cuisine to the return to the mountains for love of the earth and nature. And some ideas for ecological, nutritious, healthy Christmas gifts!

Many think they live in a sustainable way, but in reality only a few succeed. Then there are those who have made sustainability a way of life, and carry it forward every day with commitment and hard work. We can say that Juri Chiotti both one and one of these.


Juri Chiotti is a chef known and appreciated, with important experiences in international cuisines, a Michelin star shared for a while with his friend and colleague Diego Rossi (from Trippa Milano), at the Antiche Contrade of Cuneo, when he was Juri he was 25.
But the Michelin star is not everything and Juri dreams of a place of his own, a place that makes him feel at home, that makes his roots emerge.
Thus, in 2016, REIS (mountain free food) opens and, in its Valle Varaita, returns to its hut to renovate, a vegetable garden, animals and an orchard. A dream come true.
The energy used for the hut, the farm, the restaurant comes 100% from renewable sources.

His is a solid cuisine that has its roots in Occitan cuisine and its tradition (reis in the Occitan language means roots), rediscovers an almost forgotten culture.
Getting to Frassino is an adventure and sometimes you get lost admiring the view, the mountains and down, the valley. More than with the navigator, you step up to view, looking forward to lunch, a free-hand path that the chef thinks about and changes every week, to savor the territory, the products and his idea of ​​cuisine, free from artifice, but rich in substance.

We asked Juri Chiotti to tell us something about the production of the Peasant Brigades, where we can find these Burnìe (Piedmontese glass jars)

The Brigate Contadine project was born from the friendship between me, Lorenzo Barra di Cresco and Carmelo Mammana of the Paiei Farm. We all believe in the importance of producing and consuming in a sustainable and natural way. We love our home, which for everyone is the Varaita Valley. I already had, through the agritourism, obtained the authorization to produce jams, pickles and preserves, Lorenzo and Carmelo instead are at the beginning of their activity as farmers.
Thus, even to offer a wider range of products, especially in winter, the idea of ​​using my kitchen as a laboratory was born. Everyone brings the products from their own garden and together we prepare the recipes for the jars.
I sell here, on a farm, and them through home sales, an activity that has already started for the fruit and vegetables they produce.
Peasant Brigades is one more piece of the dense network of collaborations that are springing up in the lower Valla Varaita, where a group of young people believes in relaunching their land, through sharing and networking. We produce little, we produce well and we try to make people more aware of a more responsible consumption, paying attention to how the food we buy every day is produced.
At the moment we have jams, tomato conserve, ready sauces, pickled vegetables, caponata and pickled vegetables in production.

Products of the earth, produced with love and respect, produce from the mountains to the mountains. To support the local economy and young people who invest resources in the Varaita Valley. Christmas gifts that are good for the spirit, not just for the stomach.
For information on the Burnìe of the Peasant Brigades follow their Instagram profile or the FB page of Reis.

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