Ischia Safari On Tour: the sustainability of catering, a hot topic – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Ischia Safari On Tour: the sustainability of catering, a hot topic

Ischia Safari On Tour it was an opportunity to bring different thoughts to the table – literally. There sustainability of catering It’s not an easy topic, but it’s imperative. The need for a comparison starts precisely from the main actors of this complicated fantastic world.

For the first edition of Ischia Safari on Tour the wonderful location was chosen Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio on Lake Como. Here, last Saturday 6 April they met 22 chefs for a total of 13 Michelin stars to offer a gourmet experience to around 150 guests, who enjoyed an exclusive menu for a balanced entrance ticket (250 euros/person). From the aperitif to the desserts, among the enchanting gardens and the magnificent Royal Hall of the historic hotel property owned by the Bucher family, an exceptional gastronomic event took place in the true sense of the adjective.

An event strongly desired by the chefs Nino Di Costanzo And Pasquale Palamaro with the aim of “exporting” the Ischia Safari event even far from the Green Island and above all to have a moment of discussion between chefs, sector associations and training schools on the current situation in catering.

With the aim of drawing up a series of proposals which will then be the subject of a programmatic document which will be discussed in Ischia next September, the sunny spring day opened with an important event moment of comparison on the reason for the difficulty in succeeding find human resources who want to undertake a professional path in the world of catering, why these jobs are no longer attractive and what remedies can be put in place to try to reverse this trend.

The round table “The sustainability of catering” featured chefs with great experience such as Bobo Cerea (From Vittorio to Brusaporto, BG), Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani (The Place of Aimo and Nadia, Milan), Peppe Guida (Osteria Nonna Rosa, Vico Equense), Sal De Riso (Minori pastry shop of the same name), together with Jan Bucher (owner and director of GH Villa Serbelloni), e Giancarlo Carriero (owner of the Albergo Regina Isabella in Lacco Ameno, Naples), asked themselves about the problems of the restaurant world and possible solutions. The chef’s interventions were also fundamental to the debate Alessandro GilmozziPresident of the Ambasciatori del Gusto association and director of the Incibum higher education school, Dr. Mariagiovanna Sansoneas well as Nino Di Costanzo And Pasquale Palamaro.

From the staff trainingas Jan Bucher and chef Cerea mentioned, until improvement of education starting from the hotel institutes and their teachers, why not also the possibility of giving training opportunities also for foreignersas proposed by chef Negrini, at lack of concrete support from the institutions: an hour and a half was not enough to express all the guests’ concerns. On the other hand, a first important result was achieved by finding union in the difficulties and in the desire to support work in the restaurant industry.

The day continued with Gala Lunch, where the approximately 150 guests present were able to taste the delicacies that the chefs created. Here they are:

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